hunger games

There are times when I’m not sure I can take another step,
the hunger games sap my strength and there is little left!

Hungry, empty and weary, my sugar lows have descended
to my toes. Starving, rushing into the store, buying a bag
of chips, never mind the dip, just let these morsels pass
between my lips.

Attempting to rip it open, I pull, tug and finally biting with
my teeth, pleading, punching, until I am sobbing.

My pallet savors food, however it comes, steamed,
baked, stewed or even barbecued. Faint and dizzy,
no wonder I’m so skinny, these games are almost too much,
as I say a prayer and try once more.

Lids screwed so tight, while I anticipate at long last
a bite. Twisting and turning, frustrated and crying. All in
all the games played on society complicate life even more.
Oh, if we could just stay out of those scary stores!

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