Christmas Child

“The Child Is Born That Ours May Live”

In late 1791, the famous musical composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,

was given a commission by a Count in Vienna, to write a mass,

commemorating his wife’s death.

While he was writing, a mysterious messenger visited him

who did not reveal himself, and Mozart came to believe he

was writing the ‘Mozart Requiem’ for his own funeral!

The same year he became very ill, and on December 5th, at the

age of 35, he died, leaving the piece to be finished by another

composer. It remains one of the greatest mysteries of music.

One Christmas season, after I started writing, I was

introduced to the mass Mozart had begun.

As I listened, its music was enthralling –

As if candles were bathing darkness in silhouettes of beautiful

reflections, angels gently passing, folding their

wings in adoration, singing in lamentations.

Melodies floating to the highest pinnacles of a massive cathedral,

in a litany of responding supplications, then after a pause of
quietness only ‘Amen’ is sung.

My motive for writing was primarily searching for the inner child

that I had lost through the chaos and confusion of childhood

experiences, hoping to find reconciliation, raising her to life

with a spiritual rebirth.

There is a verse that says “Seeking the new, we must first let go of

the old” and I wasn’t sure how to do this. I was terrified of the

child that kept haunting me. I realized that

I was trying to do something that was beyond my ability, that

only a Power greater than I, could fulfill this great desire!

At this Advent season, we celebrate the birth of the Son of God,
who humbled himself, experiencing suffering and death that
our restless child within may be reborn and set free!

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