Searching for light

Even children seek peace and light
those who have been deprived of childhood
joys have been given a childlike faith in their
journey of life

There is a ladder made of ropes
with six wooden rungs
as in the sky it hung

One of many she must climb
one at a time
She begins to lose faith
when she looks down, with continuous
climbing as she ascends the next rung

There is a wall she cannot ascend
even this ladder will not take her to the
peace within

The rungs are splintering from constant
motion of her feet, shifting with effort to cling
to this rung of defeat

A strong wind comes up as she holds
even tighter, the rung is unable to bear
more strain, with five
more rungs to go, her feet in pain

With one rung left, the wind has stopped
she has climbed six rungs and reached the top
with a seventh rung of peace and rest
she has found the Light!

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