It was a solemn occasion…

Gathering about the table on that Thursday evening
for the Lord and His disciples would no longer eat of
the Passover Feast again!

A new Celebration of Remembrance was given
As their Lord took of the bread and wine

giving it to His friends
bread given for His body
the Passover wine* for His blood

For the Paschal Lamb would the very next day
be offered in His Crucifixion
* * * *

The invitation is given for all to partake
for there
is plenty of room at His table, a table draped
in white linen, bread and drink freely given
candlelight reflecting the Last Supper until
He returns taking his children to heaven!

*Untouched by fermentation
Nothing corrupted could represent
“The Lamb without blemish and
without spot”

The Desire Of Ages
Page 653

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