Breakfast by the sea…

My cup was overflowing
my plate full
sitting at the
cafe nestled by the bay
When a storm appeared on the horizon the bay becoming

my cup becoming empty and my heart shattered…
On a trip to Mexico with my son, we had a favorite cafe where we
dined, looking over the peaceful sea, little did I know of his sudden
death that would leave me with only memories…

There is a story called
‘Breakfast By The Sea’
When fisherman went out
in their boats and that night they caught
nothing. Then they heard a Man’s voice
saying “Cast your nets on the right side
of the boat”
and their nets were full! When they saw
on shore a fire of coals with fish laid on it, and
bread… a Man’s voice invited them to
“Come and eat breakfast”and they were full.

Never are our cups too empty to be filled to overflowing once more!

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