Ten young bridesmaids

With lamps trimmed and burning

Long ago in an ancient land
a village sat on a hill, the sun was
setting and the shadows gathering
And from the windows of a house
light was streaming with laughter and
Ten young ladies were sewing
their gowns of silk and lace braided
with silver and gold
Each had a lamp trimmed and

There is excitement in the air
for a marriage procession will soon
take place
A bride is waiting for her groom
the night is far spent and weary of
the wait the ten young ladies fell

At midnight there is heard a cry
“The bridegroom has come to take
home his bride”

Waking abruptly, smoothing their
gowns, plaiting their hair, they all rush
out with lamps trimmed and burning
Five were wise and had plenty of
oil, but five were foolish and had not
Running to the wise, “Give us of
your oil” but the wise replied,
“We have not enough to spare”
“Go to the village and find some there”
The five returned with oil in their
lamps, but the five wise had already
gone into the wedding feast and the
door was shut
The five foolish were left in darkness

The message is given – Watch and pray
with your lamps trimmed and burning
for you know not the hour the Bridegroom
will come to take home His bride!

Images courtesy of ‘freebibleimages.org’

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