Please let me fly my kite…

It is interesting how a child develops an understanding of God.
Parents are the leading roles in their life, having an impact
on their little minds. They are resilient, even though the image
of a father or mother is not always portrayed as loving and
kind. A little child’s faith is always promised.

Father of lights do you live
In the sky?

Not with your children
In darkness below?

Do you look out your
Window from your
Home on high

At the sun in the
Morning light?

Are you the man in
The moon, shining
Moonbeams on the
Stars at night?

To see how far they
Will fly?

You are so far I
Can’t jump that high!

Or maybe ride on a
Kite but it won’t fly
That high!

If I could, I would see
Where you live

If I get there God
Would you let me in
With my darkness
And sin?

It seems such a long
Way between You and I

Some say You are light
Would You be too bright
To look upon?

I don’t understand what
It really means
But it says You are
Loving and kind!

So I will bid You
Goodnight and thank
You for light, however
It comes!

“Every good and perfect gift is
from above, coming down from
the Father of the heavenly

James 1:17

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