New Beginnings…

There are many things to be grateful for this
delivered from our pains and sorrows
of the past, our abuse and shame, receiving new life!

Are we the only ones that have lived in
shame, in our abuse, agony and pain?
Why did it happen? Why did we not
stop the cruel acts?
Did the threats intimidate us?
“But we have been abused” we cry
Those that violated our bodies and minds
we took on as our fault, the sins of the perpetrator
has eaten away at our hearts
Our dark secrets haunt us at night our
pillows drenched with tears, having taken the
burden upon ourselves, but it is just too heavy
to bare, trying ever trying to pay the price

There once was a man that experienced
this pain as we, in humiliation and scourging
He hung upon a tree
His robe torn from his body, His loincloth
removed, a spectacle to the world
He identifies with us
Nails driven through the palms of
His hands, one day becoming scars of reminders
of His love for us
Our appetites and passions He bore
tasting the bitter wine spewing it from His mouth
giving power to the addicted that they may be
delivered too
Crying “Father forgive them for they know
not what they do” giving us the desire to forgive
our assassins and demons too
Denying himself bread, tempted of the devil
given to prayer instead
Desolate and forlorn when his followers
fled, He understands when we are left alone
Taking our punishment upon Him, for
all of these things He has given power to God’s
sons and daughters, for there is not a sin that
He has not forgiven!

Selections from my poem
‘The Stripping’

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