Love letters to Daddy… letter #3

In an on going Series

A Father’s Day reflection

“I really tried my best Daddy, I really did”

Well, here I am once more. I already feel
a little relief, just putting these words in
pen and ink.

I know I mentioned it in my last letter
I had two little girls.
You would have loved them and would
have been a good grandpa, I know you
would have been.

But I knew in my heart I would never
raise them like me. And then I was
shown a way to keep them safe from the
pain I had seen.

And you know Daddy, even though I
tried my best, I struggled with the
things of my past. Wow Daddy, the
nightmares were awful and fearful thoughts
struck my mind. The thoughts just
wouldn’t stop.

Then there was placed in my heart a desire
to do better. A revelation was revealed.
I had a glimpse of something better.
A candle burst into flame, my soul had
been claimed.

Sitting in a pew I had been
guided to, the organ struck chords as from
the hymnal I sang. My heart rejoiced and
I was blessed!

Soon after this I was guided to the altar,

faltering at the solemnity of this place.

Choosing an austere journey,
one of piety and devotion, I was sure
this was the solution. But I was all mixed
up, I looked to this Power as I did to you.
I knew about His love in my head but not in
my heart. And then my thoughts
became even more frightening and almost
tore my heart and mind apart.

Well, dear Daddy, I keep rambling on,
and I have lots more to say in my next
letter to you!

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