A Father’s Day reflection

Good morning Daddy, its your little girl!
It has been many years, do you remember me?
I have come to visit. I’ll just sit here by your side,
it has been such a long time since you died!

It is so quiet and peaceful. I see an image
of an angel guarding your grave, it is quite
I don’t know why this would be since you really
didn’t have any
angelic virtues that I could see. But I like reading
your name upon your stone, it helps me know you
really did exist.
Well Daddy, the ball always seemed to be in your
you called the shots, you always seemed to be the
la-la man, having fun.
Tipping the bottle on the poker table with your
I wonder why I have given you free rent in my head?
Going through life believing what you said?
I thought you held the keys, and if I could please you
enough, I would be alright.
I know I have written several letters and just when I
think I have written enough, other things come to my
So I will write a few more letters, since these things are
cathartic and lessen the pain.
And perhaps this
child’s dark night of her soul will have a purpose and
a reason to help
others who question like I… Then that makes it alright!

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