sandbox of time

“Life is like a sandbox, in it we build forts and

And spend glorious times together, it is the world
outside that box that gives me trouble
Rabih Alameddine

We had such a good time
playing and laughing
building sand castles
with kings and queens
soldiers and trumpets
and every imaginable thing
One day running out to
play, no one was there
where had he gone?
something must have
happened, she doesn’t know
she was sure it was her

Now she has no playmate
as the days go slowly by
suddenly her bucket is
too heavy and the shovel
full of holes
sand sifts through her
fingers, looking for her
father who left long ago!

Some of us have awakened to someone missing
perhaps a father, and we have spent a lifetime
trying to replace him! King David experienced
the feeling of being abandoned but he gives us
the promise
“When my father or mother forsake me
then the Lord my [ Heavenly Father]
will take care of me”
Psalm 27:10

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