A Summer Flower Reflection!

Fragrances of flowers can bring back memories of long ago, sweet scents
of perfumes

perhaps turning a sad memory into a happy one!

Sitting on the blue quilted chair in my nightie
I watched intently as she dressed for the party
my elbows resting on the table.
As she slowly drew her dark stockings then
pulled a slip over her head, gracefully stepping
into a black dress clinging to her thin little body.
Her dark hair combed with care, pulled back
with a shiny barrette and with a finishing touch
a necklace of pearls and matching earrings.
She stood before the mirror, a light from the
window falling upon her – and she was beautiful!
Like a lustrous pearl in emerald green grass – and I
loved her so much, even though she was out of
touch with her little girl. Reaching for a small
lavender bottle of perfume, she applied the sweet
scent behind each ear and then smiling at me
dabbing a drop on each of my cheeks with a
teasing grin. It melted into my memory, my
skin was perfused with the scent of my
mother, as she bent low and kissed me goodbye!

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