The butterfly and the bee . .

A Summer Reflection!

“Shiny colored wings in a pretty yellow dress”

“He stuck his nose in a fragrant pink rose

Among branches with green dappled
leaves weaving through shadows and
sun, a bright cocoon sways in the
A butterfly emerges on a summer
brightly fashioned

enchanting and elusive with
shiny colored wings
in a pretty yellow dress
sipping nectar from a fragrant rose. A bee stops by to say hello, and the butterfly
replies – “Why is your dress so drab and dreary, you busy bee
why aren’t you pretty like me?”

The bee looked her in her eye –
“If it weren’t for me there wouldn’t be daisies – no – nor apples
on apple trees
no nectar for you to drink
nor honey stored for a cold winter night!”

“So you see, what would you be without me?
Perhaps we can sit down and be friends and have a cup of tea!

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