An evening star. . .

Wishing God’s Blessings on this Sabbath Eve
May you find rest during these peaceful hours!

“An evening star dressed in its gown of sparkling white”

Have you ever felt like the load is too heavy, as if we were
carrying the weight of the world, the sky seeming to fall on
our shoulders? The earth below us swallowing our steps?

There is a time between dusk and twilight
shadows filling the sky, the sun grows weary
and bows its head, fading in the west
and then dies. An evening star dressed in its
gown of sparkling white rises in the west, it

is a happy star with a smile on its face

it feels important . . . holding up the sky alone

One night it gets tired and begins to fall calling to the
rest – hurry quickly – I can’t hold this up any longer
the weight of this sky is too much**. . .

I wonder sometimes, do we get tired of holding
up this world, forgetting we are not alone, there
is a God working through others to help us to do
His bidding?

**These are selected verses from my
poem ‘An Evening Star’

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