The Spider Hotel

“Every year they packed their bags with their spinning wheels”

Spiders can be creepy and scary and sometimes frightening,
but they can be funny and whimsical and fun to watch. One
day when I was walking, I came across some juniper bushes
with some spider webs spun amongst the branches. I thought
about how diligent and earnest these little creatures are.

Every year they packed
bags with their spinning

To spend the summer
in bungalows

on green juniper bushes

where the wind doesn’t blow
hanging from balconies
high in the air

With green fern and
monkey flowers they sit
in their chairs

spinning away as their

babies play

They are proud of their

bungalows and feel
like the elite, their
suites are the best

The other spiders are
late and stay as
guests on the bottom
visiting their friends
next door

In the evening they gather
together to share their
tales and play their
fiddles on bended knees

To eat Juniper Berry pie
and watch the dance of the

The little spiders sang and played
the yellow moon rose and with
a yawn their eyelids closed

The season flew by as they
busily spun, a spiders work
Is never done

The rainy season came and

they packed their bags
and said their

farewells – But they would be
back next year to stay at
The Spider’s Hotel!

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