Earth Chants . . .

An Allegory

Part One
“From the abundance of waves from crest to crest seeking rest”

Dark and dreary as a
December morning
as if flakes of snow are about to fall
but in mid September the threat of ashes
spew from the sky. The air subjected to
smoke and toxic fumes from raging fires.

From the four corners of the earth, a planet in cosmic
waste – as if
A Requiem of Remembrance is said for a world lost to death!

Coming from the sea of an interior womb
of this earth’s unstable waters of fertility
A sea room floating in ambience in a fetal
position, unaware

The sad seagulls cry searching for a meal
turtles, eels, colorful starfish all going
about their activity, life screams in the
sea encompassed in a grey bowl of
There is a feud in the great surge of the
waves the fragility of the earth is in

The force of the currents carry to shore
chemicals clash vapors pass, tears fall
upon ashes turning to stone

Earth is a shell waiting to be filled
crushed from the impact
of warring swells its tongue muted its
eyes scaled ears stung with deafening tones

From the abundance of its waves from crest to
crest and ever presseing on to find sweetness of waters
What is its destination?
It has taken a rest in a sepulcher of death!

A Requiem is said!

Part Two

Choirs sing in lamentations words
expressing grief for
a world taken by the thief
succumbed in silence in an allegorical dream
The earth lays in a coffin – Forgotten!

Chanters pressed together in black disguise
leather sandals ready for the battle
ringing of censors chanting their venomous songs

Part Three

“Who will win this battle of death?”
“Who will prevail?”
Angels answer!
“Jesus, He is victor over death”
“Victory is won! Oh death where is
your sting? Salvation He brings!”

Earth’s chanters lift their voices in unison
marching against the curse of the dying and
A Requiem of Life now Sung
and “Amen” is said!

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