Wishing you blessings on this Sabbath evening

Since the beginning of time there has been
a time set aside that we may rest
A tower of safety where we may run and hide

“The finest grapes of rose and purple”
The Gatekeeper’s Child

On a fruitful hill
the gardener fences a plot
gathering stones then
planting the choicest of

The finest grapes of rose and purple
clustered among splashes of green
woody leaves and branches weave
through shadows and sun.

The song of the Beloved
touches his vineyard.

His pleasant plants reap
a harvest in the autumn
yielding fruits of sweetness.

A winepress is built to
press the fruit and a strong

tower is placed in the
midst that his watchman may
watch for thieves and
robbers and the people run
in and are safe.*

Hiring a gatekeeper to protect
his vines, the absent gardner
leaves the country traveling
to a far off land.

The gatekeeper’s child,
fair skinned, with
bright blue eyes and

blonde tosseled hair,
digs in flower beds with
songs of laughter.

One night the gatekeeper became
imbibed, partaking of the wine,

becoming mean, his rage bent
on destruction, the child is

Forgetting to watch for the
enemy, a robber crept in while
he slept, stealing his child,
who ran and hid.

A darkness covered the garden,
the fruit withered and died,

sweet smell of the tender
grapes now tainted, became
sour wine.

The landholder returns,
questioning, “where is my
gatekeeper and his child?”
But there is no reply.

Sending his gardner to search
far and near,
the gatekeeper comes to his

with love and prayers bidding
his son’s return, the child
runs into the tower of safety.

The vines are now tended with
love and care, the richness of
the garden brings about much
more fruit than before.

  • Proverbs 18:10

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