up and down – and all around

When a leg is broken or even an arm there is no question and off to the doctor for help we go . . . but for some strange reason when a brain is broken . . . we are reluctant and often hide refusing the medicine to heal the mind!

There are all kinds of dynamics when it comes to
emotional distraught, especially when it is brought
on by another’s choice. Sometimes the pride and ego
must be willing to bend to medications to help heal
the mind . . .

Who will win this battle
can I alone?

Or to the bottle will I resort
one of alkali silvery white!

We won’t tell another
lest they look for
troublous signs

Circling round on this
merry go round

My wind swept hair
my glorious mind
with grandiose thoughts
becoming a roller
coaster ride

Up and down and all
around this should be
a clue, signs of highs
and signs of blues

Then slowly coming to a
stop hitting the earth
with a sudden halt

I’ll walk this off, work
up a sweat, drink more water
washing the body
of toxins so rudely left
Surely this will help – or must

I bow down before you, a
subservient to a mineral
mined from the earth?

*Lithium is a potent drug used to
treat mood disorders and suicide ideation

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