Parable of the ten virgins

A very long time ago people in villages

and cities had no written word and

were taught stories called parables

which were easily understood

and their truths were taught to their


and their children’s children . . .

There is a story told in an

Ancient land of a village set on a hill

The sun was setting and the shadows

Gathering and light streaming

From the windows of a house full of


Ten young virgins are sewing their gowns

Of silk and lace. There is excitement in

The air as people wait for a marriage

Procession to take place.

A bride is waiting for her groom!

The night is far spent and weary of the

Wait their eyelids slowly closing and

With a yawn they all fell asleep.

At midnight there is heard

A cry. Waking abruptly, smoothing

Their gowns and plating their hair they rush

Out the door following close behind.

Their lamps trimmed and burning five

Were wise and five were foolish they all

Had oil in their lamps but as the night

Wore on their oil ran out. Five had

Brought extra but five did not.

Running to the wise –

“Give us of your oil” but the wise replied

“We have not enough to share”

“Go to the village and buy some there

That you may enter into the marriage


The five returned with oil in their lamps

But the five wise had already gone into

The banquet hall and the door was shut

The five were left in darkness

The message is given –

With our busy lives and burdened with cares
we are often tempted to neglect the things
that will help us prepare for the important
things of life . . .

“Watch and pray with your lamps trimmed
and burning

For you know not the hour the Bridegroom

Will come to take home His Bride!”

My poem is inspired by the ‘Parable of The Ten Virgins’

In the ‘Book Of Matthew’

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