Shared Harvest. . .

A sower went forth to sow his seed . . .

It was early that morning
as the sun began its circuit
in the eastern sky

a land of plenty had
yielded a good crop

gleaned for the coming
year to sow seed in the

Carefully sorting his
seed the night before
the sower went forth to
sow and as he sowed some

seed fell by the wayside
and the birds came and
devoured them some fell
upon stony places where

they had not much earth
and when they sprang up
the sun scorched them

and they withered away
and some fell among thorns
and they choked them.

But others fell upon good ground
and the rains fell and the harvest
was great and enough to share
with all!

Inspired by ‘The Parable of the Sower’

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