The first Christmas tree . . .

The beauty of the hills against the starry skies

The first Christmas tree had its beginning in Germany in the 16th
century, when Christians brought trees into their homes.

There is a
story told of Martin Luther, the great Protestant Reformer, who
was walking home one wintry night.

And as he gazed upon the
snowy hills in the distance, the beauty of the hills silhouetted
against the starry skies, he was stricken with the majesty of
God’s creation.

Returning home, gathering his
children about a tree, they decorated
it with candles!

The nativity scene with holding the Christ Child

Around the year 1226, St Francis of Assisi created the first
Nativity scene with live animals, and the manger holding the
Christ Child. In the Middle Ages, many people could neither
read nor write, and in order to share these heavenly truths,
actors traveled from town to town, reenacting these scenes in
passion plays. These are just some of many more traditions that
are observed at the Advent season!

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