A Tree In the midst of three . . .

Trees can play an important part in history, there are two very important ones that have
left their mark through the ages – and a special promise of one to come!

In the beginning in Eden’s fair garden was a tree of good and evil that was forbidden . . .

They did not listen and partook of the fruit in the midst of the garden . . . With one last look they fled in terror, why do they fear their Heavenly Father? But he spoke these words “Do not be afraid a Savior shall be born in a manger of hay”

His path will be lonely, His friends will forsake Him, on a Tree He will hang weeping . . . This is the second tree in the midst of three . . . In a grave He will lay for three days then rising . . . ascending to heaven, giving us the

hope of His second coming. Eden’s tree will be restored for all who believe, of its fruit they shall eat, this is the third tree in the midst of three, its leaves bringing healing to the nations and forever in heaven and earth there will be peace!

8 thoughts on “A Tree In the midst of three . . .

  1. The tree of good and evil will always remain within the garden of eden; even after it is restored upon the earth made new.

    Everyone will have access to it and no one will be stopped 8f they want to eat its fruit.

    For the tree of good and evil is a test of ones loyalty and willingness to obey God.

    No one will ever choose to disobey by plucking and eating its fruit.

    Simply because after experiencing the terrible results and consequences of Adam and Eve’s.

    No one will ever consider disobeying God ever again.


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