The forgotten Christmas tree . . .

The trend these last few years, in the selection of a tree is
going in a different direction. Several decades ago when artificial
trees were introduced with their glitter and tinsel, people adopted
a substitute for the once meaningful tree displayed in our homes.
Now midst the chaos and confusion we are experiencing, people
are reaching out with more nurturing ways to express their
celebrations. And now instead of reaching for that dusty box in
the attic, more Christmas tree lots are frequented with holiday
cheer and excitement!

Oh Christmas tree, where have you been?

For your lovely boughs and
branches of green we have yearned
Your grace we have missed with
your pleasant light
The scent of pine with its silvery
and shining candles in the night
Oh, what joy you bring of love and
The star upon your crown pointing
towards the shepherd’s song, waiting
for the Promised One!

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