Festival of Lights!

Good EVENING ON THIS 3rd Day of Advent week!

A Christmas Village Story!

The village square sits

Abandoned long ago

Winter snow has fallen

In the church not a word
is spoken

Songs have
been forgotten

And often when you hear
the wind blow there is
the sound of crying

Cabins empty and cold
no bread in the ovens

Tradition is hidden

This village is truly

But then one evening
a small light has risen

It is coming in this

People descending
with candles burning
music playing

An entourage of those
who once lived here
are returning

The square once bare
is rejoicing

A celebration is under

Lamp posts are lit
in red ribbons

Children singing and dancing

The evergreen in the
center is no longer empty

Filled with Christmas stockings

The snow bird with it’s
song is singing

The village is filled
with a festival of
lights nevermore to
be saddened!

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