The visitor . . .

Greetings on this 7th day of Christmastide!

An Irish tradition during Christmastide, was placing candles in the window during persecution, inviting in those who would find a safe haven to worship. When asked about this custom the reply was “The lights were an invitation for Joseph and Mary to stay the night!

I wonder sometimes if we are given rappings, someone waiting for an invitation
to enter the doors of our hearts!

A candle in the window burns in the eve, as I knock faintly then turn to leave.
Then I hear the handle turn and a voice invites me in and guides me to a room.
There are pictures on the wall almost as if they are of me, from a small child to
a girl who is now grown and tall.

Another door before me opens slowly, and as I peer in, there is a room so grand
with an hour glass of passing sand. A chair sits in the middle and I take a
seat, as a kind gentle man beckons me to come and with a candle in His hand,
explains to me – “When you were weary and could not find your way, your path
was dark and you were sure you were lost, your candle with only a flickering
flame, I was always there to lead you in all My ways!

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