New year’s reflections . . .


Ponderings and Promises

Another Christmas season has come to an end, losing
ourselves in celebrations, and now putting away our decorations,

the excitement coming to an end – there is a time for reflection!

Fire works are exploding

On New Year’s Eve
I am not sure what to do as the hours are approaching
maybe watch a movie or just go to bed
early? Waiting for the night to pass – Or I could write a letter
“So God I think I will write a letter to You”

Here is a reflection…

A year ago we all had hope

“I know You know there is a lot on my mind, a time for reminiscing of things I would have

rather forgotten. My reasonings are not safe, my questionings are not good and I’m tempted to
fall into grief and repinings. Just two days away is the anniversary of the birth of one that is missing.
I had three but one is gone, my heart is thankful for the two remaining. But Lord did you not have 99
sheep but one was missing? Did You not search and never gave up till You brought him home?

Excuse my questionings, but Job of old had many more losses than ever foretold, he questioned
Your goodness but never with cursing. And then there are mine – You know how I stepped out
in faith, for him I gave all but he couldn’t stay and fled away. This lays heavy upon my heart,
and now for lack of more words, with faith in Your grace I will continue this letter another day”

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