And the gates slowly closed . . .

As They Left The Garden

An expression of sadness came over her husband and he understood that this was what they had been warned against and a struggle began in his mind

But he loved Eve immensely and could not bear to lose her ~~ and seizing the fruit he ate!

And that day it seemed strangely quiet, as if the streams had suddenly stopped, the flowers had withered and the birds had flown away. At the time of the evening hour they had always waited for their visitor. Just the night before they had heard the sound of Him walking in the garden. And now a voice was heard “Where are you?” And Adam said “I heard your voice and I and my wife were afraid and ran and hid”

Painting by Benjamin West ‘The Expulsion of Adam and Eve From Paradise’
1791 Public Domain (Picryl)

Their bodies once clothed with light now became garments of leaves clinging to their skin

And Adam and Eve wept as the angels closed the gates of the garden! But they would not be forgotten ~ for a promise would be given . . .

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