The Vine

The garden’s once tethered breeze now blows with fury

A chain of lightening with distant thunder and rain appears. The vines and flowers they had so lovingly tended, now hung their heads falling to the ground. As they bent down to gather their precious petals, all are now bruised with the serpent’s bite!

“Though the serpent has done this thing” God promised “I will put [hatred] between you and the woman . . . And between your seed and her Seed ~ He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel”

Genesis Chapter 3
Painting ‘The Banishment from Paradise’ By German School 19th Century

One special Vine was saved to follow them

Planted by the hand of God ~ its branches filling the earth with pardon and love. Over distant lands and many seas, through violent winds and adversity, its tender roots would survive, producing fruit that all may live and not die!

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