An Ark of Safety


And was told to build an ark ~ For there was going to be a great flood!

‘The Great Deluge’ – First Part

It has been said by faith the world was created and by faith we believe though we cannot see it happened. And by faith Noah believed . . .

As day and night he cried and wept ~ Calling all to come apart from their evil ways ~ But people laughed and sneered calling him a foolish old man ~ But Noah listening not, kept hammering and sawing on his ark!

A great deluge had come upon those who refused the call!

It was a strange sight, animals coming from forests and hills.

Noah invited them to come into an ark God had told him to build.

In the early morning hours while

evil men slept, Noah and his four

sons prepared the boat, for they

would be there forty days and

nights. When the hour had come

angels shut the door of the ship.

While people wept and cried

aloud. But Noah and his family

would be safe when rains began to


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