Happy Sabbath . . . on this seventh day of rest

The number 7 is a perfect number!

We have come through a busy week for Noah and his family.

For six days they labored to prepare for the great flood!

He and his sons called animals from mountains and hills

by 7’s and by 2’s . . .While the angels in heaven looked on.

Straw for the weaker animals and grain to be stored for

forty days of rain.

Hay for the stalls and flour and oil for bread. And baskets

of fruit.

Getting closer to the day when they would neither toil

nor work.

And on the 6th day for prayer for safety and care. For in 7 days

God will flood the earth. And on the 7th day they rested as

God had said!

And Grandfather Noah and his family shared this great story of rest

for all generations to come!

A view of Mt Ararat

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