Tower of Confusion

The Great Catastrophic Event Has Come To A Close

And so an Epic of a created world of beauty

. . . Becomes a broken world of destruction and confusion. Paths of peace and serenity our parents once followed, are paths of pain and sorrow . . . And as Noah and his family stepped out of the ark of safety, the world they had known has now become the world they must go forth, begetting a people to inhabit the earth as God had spoken.

The Tower of Babel by Pieter Brueghel 1563

The whole earth had one language and speech. As people began to multiply they journeyed from the east to a land of Shinar and they dwelt there. And they began to fear another flood saying “Let us make a tower whose top is in the heavens” But the Lord was not pleased and confused their language scattering them abroad.

Book of Genesis Chapter 11

A confounded language was spoken

With their vain attempt to disobey, when one requested a brick a hammer was given. A hammer was given for mortar and stone, a saw for a spade until in utter frustration they left their work undone. Confusion was spread abroad and men were left to their own ways to live, forgetting Noah’s pleadings. Just as it is today!

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