Four barren women . . .

Aphrodisiacs, love potions, leeks and magical plants

All were used by women of ancient times, for to be barren was a shameful state leading men to seek other wives.

There are stories of four barren women that God used to cradle the Hebrew nation

And after a time of waiting upon the Lord, Sarah, 90 years old, not receiving the promise of a child, resorted to her own ways of conceiving . . .

And – Sarah – in despair

invited her handmade to lay with her husband, and Ishmael was born and Sarah became jealous.

Rebecka –

Rachel –

and Hannah –

All cried in sorrow with tears – receiving a child. For it was mapped in the stars, in dreams unfolding, only He is the giver of life in His timing!

And seeing Abraham in his puzzlement, God asked him “Is anything too hard for the Lord”

*Book of Genesis 18:14

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