Two of us . . .

A continuation of ‘Sitting Amongst Ashes’

Little did I know how difficult the rescue of this child would be!

We are not sure who each of us are!

tThen one day I tried to say hello, I told her my name, she said that was her name too. I am confused, how, could there be two of us? I try to ignore her, but she is always there. We cannot be broken apart. We try again and again, but she doesn’t really want to leave, it would break her heart. We eat together, we sleep together, we wear the same clothes. When I want to wear something different she says no. It goes on and on, this internal struggle. That one of us needs to leave we agree. Then one day I took her aside and told her I was sorry! We must become one she and I. We held each other and cried. Then holding hands we began a journey together.

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