“Don’t cry for me . . .

. . . for I go where music was born” Bach said to his wife as he lay on his deathbed!

In the month of March the world celebrates the birthday of the great German composer

1685 – 1750

Johanna Sebastian Bach had many losses in his life –

the death of his first wife – leaving 7 children – and with his second wife who bore 13 children.

Altogether he sired 20 of which only 10 survived into adulthood.

In grief of his many losses he was inspired to write great compositions and hymns. Leaving a legacy for all of us suffering loss and distress beyond ourselves to bear.

“To God alone on high be glory”

“And thanks for His mercy, since now and forever more No harm can touch us, Now there is great peace without cease, All feuds have now an end . . . Avert all our misery and distress, On Your dear Son we place our reliance.”

Hymns used by Bach – Wagner Hymnal 1697

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