Sanctuary of the Heart

Good Morning On This First Day After Easter Sunday

The search for the peace so desired has been fulfilled!

The wind subsides, the dust abandons its pallor, revealing in the
distance prisms of colors, the journey has been long.. now is seen in
the distance a green oasis of trees with pools of waters
A welcome sight as she walks toward this mirage
Coming closer there is a covering fashioned as a tent
a strange shelter of cloth

Is this where God could be living?
Is this the One she is looking
for the One she could not reach?

Quietly drawing near, a sense of holiness
fills the air, the door to this tent is covered with
a curtain, as she draws it aside a beautiful and
solemn sight meets her eyes

A candlestick with seven lamps of gold
are scrolled with lilies and leaves, filled with
oil for light, both day and night, a table with
bread and drink, symbolizing the body and
blood of the Lord risen from the dead

A veil of angels embroidered in
purple, with threads of gold, fringed with
pomegranates of red, she is taken with the sight
and wants to go beyond the veil, the one torn in
two, while His body was crucified

She is touched “God, did your dear Son
really do all this for us?” Past the inner veil
in the Holy of Holies, is an arc overlaid with
gold, once containing the law of God

The law in the arc is no longer there!
For through His death it is now written in our hearts
What does all this mean, a shadow of the dwelling
place of the One we seek? It is a pattern of the
temple residing in heaven!

A story based on the description of the Sanctuary
in the Book of Hebrews Chapter 8

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