Little Toy House

With Spring having come, we often get the urge to do some spring cleaning!

Cleaning house – And sometimes cleaning memories seeking better days to come!

Little toy people playing

In their home pretending

They are happy but

Feeling all alone.

Toy mother and father

Playing their rolls they

Can see out but no one

Can see in.

Little toy furniture a bed

And couch but no one could

Rest too much noise and


There is no table or cupboard

For there is no food the little

Tea set is shattered along with

The child.

We get in the little toy car and

Move right along from place to

Place but we won’t stay long

Stopping here and there just

In case.

Hanging onto memories

too scared to let go

Searching for a home

For one that evades this child

Who plays the role in the little

Toy house.

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