The empty room . . .

With a houseful of rooms,
spring cleaning can be challenging, often leaving the one we have been reluctant to enter the last one!

Each time I walk into this room it is strangely quiet
bare and empty, but for a few pieces of old furniture
old and worn
the windows are closed without a breath of air, tired
and lonely from memories and cares it has refused to

It is in mourning, quiet and still, portraying a lack of
honesty and wearing a costume of despair
whenever I venture in, it is hard to leave, locked inside
with its loneliness and self defeat

One day I looked in a room beside it with some
pictures on the wall, a bed and dresser and a chest
of hope and I offer to share with this lonely room

Gradually pulling the drapes, cleaning with a little
water and soap

The two rooms are slowly coming together, shifting
their weight, holding each other, no longer lonely
but a home of its own!

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