A Poem To Daddy

“Daddy do you remember your daughter?”

Daddy, where did you go?

I would like to know

I’ve tried to replace you with

Sweat and tears

How can I let them out?

They are hard as a rock

They are a part of me

If they were not, what would

I be? A mere smidgen of me

A trifle like a day

Without sun and a night without


A rainbow without colors

An ocean without water

Daddy do you remember your



I traveled the desert looking

For you

I sought through the drought

But always found the same

I chased shadows looking for

A picture of you

I tried my best now I will lay

It to rest

I will play in sand castles in

The sky

And not question the reason why

I have come to a mountain

Where I can fly

To a spring where waters flow

Never failing

Reflecting a Father and there

Will be no more goodbyes!