Sheep Safely Grazing

“A Lovely Pastoral Scene”

The following words were written by the composer, Bach

The cantata was originally played for a birthday celebration
Musicians from the Courts of Weimar had joined together
with Bach in the first performance. Though written in the early
1700’s, it is often used in weddings and other celebrations

“Sheep may safely graze and pasture

In a watchful Shepherd’s sight

Those who rule with wisdom guiding

Bring to hearts a peace abiding

Blessing a land with joy made bright.”

“We seem to stray from the fold of safety, but upon
His lambs there is ever a Watchful Eye”

A lost lamb in an arid land

How it had wandered far from

The flock

Timid and shy, unable

Its way from danger back

The ravine between

Deep and confining

Its cry bleating then slowly fainting

The sheep in safety still abiding

Following their shepherd

Wherever he leads them

Upon a midnight’s sleep

Awakening, counting his sheep

Venturing into the night

For one was missing

Oh, children upon earth

Like wandering lambs

Searching for a Shepherd

In a land of danger, suffering the

Hand that harms them

His rod and staff

Securely leads them

Their bruises and hurts, their minds

And hearts with oils he soothes them

With righteousness and truth

Smoothing their paths

Spreading a table before them

Their cup overflows

In the valley of death they do not fear

For in the house of their

Lord there is no despair

A room to hold them in that great

Mansion He has prepared

Dwelling forever!

“The rod and staff leads them”

Poet In Disguise

“Please Do Not Take My Pen And Ink Away”

It was a swift epiphany, an illuminating

Realization, that moment I walked into the

Room. An artist was sitting on a stool

Next to an empty canvas on an easel.

Paints of beautiful colors sat on a table.

I remember soft music playing, and the

Evening shadows had cast a quiet

Reflection as she began to speak,

Sharing the empty canvas was this

Earth before it was created, empty and

Void, then taking her brush she dips it

In paint, with strokes so evenly and

Smoothly, as she moves from side to side.

She speaks of the creation of this world,

No longer a dark canvas, it becomes a

Work of beauty. At that moment I was

Gripped with the thought, God could take

My life of darkness and recreate His child.

Little did I know the instrument of poetry

He would use, weaving its threads about me.


I should be so blest,

Or be put upon a shelf to


At least I express

My grief

Though somewhat


Through pen and ink


The scope of colors

Tapping upon a vastness

Deep, I weep

It is not a fatal sin to


What lies within

For my sorrows make me ill

Until I share

With others

We are not alone the


We own have flown through


A self proclaimed poet is

What I am

Not worthy to walk upon

The sod

Of these sleeping poets

These comforter’s of the


Now inspire me to plod my


Please do not take my pen

And ink away

That I may survey my dismay

And each book I write until

My last

I will draw upon the inkwell

Of tears from my past!

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“The Bickering Is More Than I Can Hold”

Whenever I would make a decision

(After many agonizing thoughts)

I would then question what I had

Decided. The focus was ‘what if

I had made the wrong choice’

All hell and damnation would

Break forth. It was agonizing,

Maybe similar to those who

Contend with ‘ buyer’s remorse’

Only the buyer in my head was not

About to give up and let it go.

Thankfully after many years, that

Has pretty much gone away (with the


Of sometimes when I am faced with

A very important one, but the time

Lapse is shorter)


Is this what I should

Have done

And done it better?

The bickering

Of my

Soul is more than I

Can hold

Once is never enough

All these

Lessons are really


In my mind there is



Filling it with holes

Until it

Becomes a sieve

With no more room

To give!


An encouraging thought to share –

“Let no one strive, neither let

Any one reprove ‘oneself’ or

One another.

Do not waste your time in


Hosea 4:4

Amplified Bible Translation

I added ‘oneself’

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The Great Deluge

“Like the great deluge of waters that covered the earth,
Are we facing a new deluge covering our lands,
COVID 19?”

Some say this Pandemic is a hoax, some disagree, but
could this phenomena be equated with those that
happened centuries ago?

An onslaught of water disrepaired

A perfect creation gone astray

Gods children had strayed

Until that final decision left God with

No choice, but to erase the results

Of crime and decay

To cleanse the earth from its evil ways

The people looked upon this scene

With laughter, sneering

A silly old grey headed man noticed

Not, he just kept on building his ark

The gates of peaceful waters unhinged

Torrents and floods broke through

The leviathan once forging the deep

Is tossed about, as the humped back

Whale, he became distraught

A great ship bearing eight people

And animals two of a kind, sped

Over trembling waters

And when Noah, his wife, three sons

And their wives lay down to sleep

Their boat shook and shuddered

The planks muttered with labor pains

About to give birth to a new world

Of the old none would remain

Loosing track of days and nights

Of darkness, only light from

Visiting angels wafting their wings

With heavenly light

Claps of thunder roaring

Holding on with each other

For dear life

But God had said, forty days

And nights then you shall emerge

Replenishing the earth

And they remembered His

Promise, no sea nor

Pain of this global event

Could prevent this ship

For it bore the progenitor

Of man and beast

Even though the waves increased

And when God looked down with a

Frown on His face

And saw the devastation

He had to take

Never again would he destroy with waters

What he had made

A tower of safety with its watchful

Eye would always follow the sailor’s


He blew upon the deep as the boat

Slowly floated to Mt Ararat, hidden from

View, and it takes a lot of faith to

Believe all that

And centuries later another great event arose,

Ten in all, plagues sent

On a haughty king that refused

To believe, to let God’s people go

His servants laughed at the words

Of God’s humble man

Spurning his warning

But he and his armies all died

In the depths where a road had

Been divided

Down through the age

Many more disasters fell

These calamities spurned as well

Again a remonstrance from above

“Bring all your children apart as

Another great deluge has fallen”

A great pandemic encompasses

Our globe

Some with fear, some with lack

Of heeding the warnings told, refusal

To comply with safety protecting

And so the havoc of COVID 19 is


Could this be the beginning of the

Four horsemen and their warning

Spilling their potions on the lands

In mourning?

John of Patmos, called deranged

His message and his writings spurned as


Escaped a boiling pot of oil

persecuted for his faith, down

through the ages his writings

presented to kings and royalty

often rejected

But God’s love is inviting all to

Come, receiving protection from

all of these things

For where else can we go?

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Saving Our Children

Our Children Are Gifts From Above

Far be it from anyone’s imagination, that in our lifetime and our

Children’s, we would be put in the dire situation we find ourselves in.

Our children are our most treasured possessions and we want the

Very best for them. The questions that have arisen from this

Pandemic are many. Will our schools open this fall, and if so

Will parents send them in these fearful times?

It is frightening for many as we wonder what our children are

Thinking, having to wear masks and the need to remain

Distant from each other. It is important that we teach them

Courage and hope, to know that there is a God who

Can help them. One that has created this world and everything

In it, that His hand is over all that dwell within it!

He Made Oceans And Streams

God made heaven and earth, the moon and stars and air to

Breathe, it was very pretty but it was empty.

God Made Day And Night

And God said “I will first make fish to swim in the waters”

Big fish and little fish. The sky was very quiet and still, so God

Made birds to fly and sing.

The Animals Were Fun To Watch

And then He made animals, giraffes, elephants, tigers and monkeys.

They Were Very Happy

He made Adam and Eve and a special garden for them

To live in.

And God Loved Them Very Much

He was pleased with all these things He had made in just six days,

And on the seventh day He rested!

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Ideation To Intervention

“Negative Thoughts Can Be Intervened With
Positive Ones”

As I mentioned in my last few posts, this is a challenging

Time. The death of my son occurred in the month of July.

He took his life, and with much grief I have tried to work

Through the ravaging effects it has left on myself and my


Two years after this I attempted to also take mine. The

Frightening thing about this is it came on suddenly, I

Did not plan it. I remember the day before I had stood at

The doctor and therapists office with the thought if they

Did not help me I did not know how I would ever make it.

I went home with a despair that I had no idea I had.

The next day something clicked in my head, reaching

For a bottle of pills, I locked my dogs in my apartment, and

Headed for the store, where I bought a bottle of wine,

Which was out of the ordinary, for I never drink, and then

Drove up a lonely road.

There is a name for thoughts of suicide ideation, but I did

Not plan this at this time.

When my son was found, it hit with such force that at

That time I did have the thoughts but was unable to

Complete them. They say that when someone does

Complete the act, it has an enormous effect on family and

Friends. It can cause a cluster effect.

I had many times in the past wish I could die, and

Wondered on occasion why I didn’t. As a young girl

My mother and I were standing on a corner waiting

For a bus and I fainted. I had cut my leg (by accident)

On a rusty nail and I had hid it from my mother, I

Had blood poison, and by all rights I should have died.

I think all of us can look back on incidences that

Should have taken us but by some force we were

Spared. I remember driving down a steep grade and

The brakes went out. Again I was spared. I believe

God intervened in the times we were spared, for

There was a plan to use us in ways we before hand

Did not understand.

I have written a couple of poems to relate my experience

With this ugly illness.



It was a sudden decision, a force

Grabbed my mind, to all things

On earth I was blind.

I was done!

A warm summer evening, with

Beauty all around, that I would

Never again look upon.

A bottle of pills and a bottle of

Wine would do this job just fine.

Driving up the road past homes

Of friends, I did not realize the pain

My decision would bring.

But this would only be for a time.

Friends would soon forget, I would

Be forgotten, as time went on.

The sun began to set, as I parked

The car on a far off road.

My last night on earth, taking

One more look, shadows lingering

Upon the hills. I twisted the cork,

Tipping the bottle to my lips,

Taking the bottle of pills, with one

More look at the lavender hills.

Falling asleep, death would be a

Sweet release.

Suddenly I awoke to the sound of

Words, I was placed on a stretcher,

They were trying to keep me alive.

I was angry, “why God was I not

Taken, did You have something

Else in mind, did I try to stop my

Clock, just for You to rewind?”

This was my intention, but He had

Plans of intervention. The answer

To this question would come in


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