Parable of the ten virgins

A very long time ago people in villages

and cities had no written word and

were taught stories called parables

which were easily understood

and their truths were taught to their


and their children’s children . . .

There is a story told in an

Ancient land of a village set on a hill

The sun was setting and the shadows

Gathering and light streaming

From the windows of a house full of


Ten young virgins are sewing their gowns

Of silk and lace. There is excitement in

The air as people wait for a marriage

Procession to take place.

A bride is waiting for her groom!

The night is far spent and weary of the

Wait their eyelids slowly closing and

With a yawn they all fell asleep.

At midnight there is heard

A cry. Waking abruptly, smoothing

Their gowns and plating their hair they rush

Out the door following close behind.

Their lamps trimmed and burning five

Were wise and five were foolish they all

Had oil in their lamps but as the night

Wore on their oil ran out. Five had

Brought extra but five did not.

Running to the wise –

“Give us of your oil” but the wise replied

“We have not enough to share”

“Go to the village and buy some there

That you may enter into the marriage


The five returned with oil in their lamps

But the five wise had already gone into

The banquet hall and the door was shut

The five were left in darkness

The message is given –

With our busy lives and burdened with cares
we are often tempted to neglect the things
that will help us prepare for the important
things of life . . .

“Watch and pray with your lamps trimmed
and burning

For you know not the hour the Bridegroom

Will come to take home His Bride!”

My poem is inspired by the ‘Parable of The Ten Virgins’

In the ‘Book Of Matthew’

Greetings on this first Sabbath Day of November!

Our week coming to an end of the celebration of
‘The Reformation’ that changed the world!

Not by chance does the history of the world happen!

Martin Luther, the German reformer,
began the Protestant Reformation in

delivering people from fear of
darkness and perdition, and the demand
of indulgences to release their loved ones
from purgatory and hell!

And Guttenberg’s invention of the printing press
in 1450 bringing the ‘Good News’ to a darkened

During two of the most

influential events of


God worked through

two humble men

born relativity at the

same time!

It is a difficult week with loss and grief –

And I am seeking a ride to a better place, a ride to escape my sorrow and pain! But sometimes the road chosen
by me is not the best, with twists and turns not expected!

The train whistle blew calling

All aboard, my mind

Said no a ticket I could not


Not listening to what I knew

I boarded anyway

The train was red with big

Shiny teeth

Grey puffs of smoke rose

From the chimney stack

I wondered if this train would

Ever come back

As we pulled from the depot I

Noticed a sign – ‘Twisted Train’ was its name

That should have given me a clue

As over the miles we flew

The conductor came around

I asked him where we were


When he said the destination

I quickly jumped up, that was

Not the destination I had in


I walked through the twisted

Cars, each one had a name




And shame

If I stayed on this train I would

Become distraught

My thoughts would set up a loop

And I could not get off

I besought the engineer “I must

Get off”

Slamming on the brakes as I

Pulled on the cord he asked me

Where I wanted to go and what

I was looking for

“Please sir, I have checked all

The cars and they are twisted

“Please let me off”

He asked me if I had checked

The caboose, maybe there I would

Find what I was looking for

Walking through the cars again

I opened the door at the very


It was full of thoughts and I quickly

Shut the door and fled

There was no more room for

One more thought in my head

Again I pulled the cord and pled

With the engineer to let me off

Finally at the end of the route

He stopped . . .

I sat on the bench waiting for the

Next train to take me to a peaceful

Destination, one I could afford.

Good morning on this Halloween day . . .

A day of celebration in many countries!
It’s observance celebrated in different ways

Some having fun dressing in costumes

spooky and scary apparel signifying ghosts and goblins, devils and demons.

But to some of us dealing with the disguise of demons plaguing our minds, it is anything but fun, difficult and painful.
We can relate to a man that had many mental demons of his own!

It was a mystical happening for

A man troubled with fears and


Growing up in a medieval era

In a German village

Centuries ago

Under fear of a vengeful god who didn’t


A strict mother burdened with children

A father bent on his

Son’s success, sending him to Erfurt

A school of learning

A ‘ tender conscious’ plagued his


Fear of a lost soul forgotten

He left his home

A bolt of lightning threatened

His life

On bended knees he knelt

Promising God he would become

A monk

Viewing his cry for help, a vow he

Could never break, he sold all his


From all he had known removed

His father refusing to speak

The very next day

Committing his life in confession

And prayer

Through indulgences and fasting

Long pilgrimages

Blood stained feet

From stairway penance

Each step seeking mercy and grace that he

Would be saved

But no matter what he did it was

Never enough

Wrestling into the night

For the terror he bore

Sending him into a round

Of unending works to appease a

God he could not find

But a loving God was by his side

To reveal a holy truth

That would release him from


To declare to all, we are saved

By grace and nothing else


‘The Tower Experience’

Reading the scriptures looking for


On a fateful day in a

Monastery tower, Martin Luther

Opened a book to the words

‘The Just Shall Live By Faith!”

And he said –

“I felt like the portals of light

Streamed from the heavens and

I had entered through the

Gates of paradise”

A fascinating monk of

Erroneous beliefs declared to

The world these words

Releasing all from fear and


Beginning “The Great Reformation”

On October 31, 2022 we celebrate

This monumental year over five

Hundred years ago

This is good news to all who

Struggle with a vengeful god

Those who have received a

‘Wounded conscious’ from

Unloving parents and homes


We are loved and saved by

A gracious God!

‘The just shall live by faith!”

*Book Of Romans Chapter 1 verse 17

The Reformation

On October 31, 1517, just over 500 years ago
the Protestant Reformation began –

On this Sunday churches celebrate
‘Reformation Sunday’

October 31 isn’t just Halloween, and is not just a coincidence!

The reformer, Martin Luther, a former monk of the Roman Church, posted his
ninety five theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany,

protesting the acts of indulgences, taught by the church that ” all must pay
the full or partial remission of temporal punishment for sins after the sinner
confesses and receives absolution.” That they must pay for loved ones to be
released from purgatory. After Luther’s discovery of this ‘Gospel Message’
human beings do not earn
their salvation by good works, but rather is given by God who freely offers salvation to all
who believe.

“The Just Shall Live By Faith!’

“The reason He posted his theses on October 31 is because the next day
was all Saint’s Day and he knew many well-educated people were going to
come to the services” and hopefully receive his message.

This is dedicated to those who like Luther (and I) struggle with their salvation.

This old house . . .

Opening their windows to let in light!

The summer heat had lulled this house to sleep but now with temperatures dropping
and winter slowly approaching, its walls are complaining. Its just too cold and its bones
are groaning!

The house won’t stop creaking at night
Is it trying to say something I don’t
want to hear? Houses say words too
they hold what is true! They are faithful,
wrapping their arms around us
opening their windows to let in light
touching us with rays of daylight . . .

Selected verses from my poem ‘The Voice’

Every year when the temperatures drop
my house starts creaking, causing frightful
sleep. But sometimes the difficult messages
I don’t want to hear, are turned into ones of hope!

Wednesday’s Child


Monday’s Child is fair of face!
Tuesday’s Child is full of grace!

WEDNESDAY’S Child is full of woe! **

But once the child began to grow
Gazing in the mirror
a different image she began to see
Becoming a big girl
She wiped her tears
hopping on her bicycle
her basket full of
rainbows and wishing wells! (c)

** Nursery rhyme ‘Monday’s Child’

(c) Selected verses from my book
‘And The Child Grew Up’