Sheep Safely Grazing

“A Lovely Pastoral Scene”

The following words were written by the composer, Bach

The cantata was originally played for a birthday celebration
Musicians from the Courts of Weimar had joined together
with Bach in the first performance. Though written in the early
1700’s, it is often used in weddings and other celebrations

“Sheep may safely graze and pasture

In a watchful Shepherd’s sight

Those who rule with wisdom guiding

Bring to hearts a peace abiding

Blessing a land with joy made bright.”

“We seem to stray from the fold of safety, but upon
His lambs there is ever a Watchful Eye”

A lost lamb in an arid land

How it had wandered far from

The flock

Timid and shy, unable

Its way from danger back

The ravine between

Deep and confining

Its cry bleating then slowly fainting

The sheep in safety still abiding

Following their shepherd

Wherever he leads them

Upon a midnight’s sleep

Awakening, counting his sheep

Venturing into the night

For one was missing

Oh, children upon earth

Like wandering lambs

Searching for a Shepherd

In a land of danger, suffering the

Hand that harms them

His rod and staff

Securely leads them

Their bruises and hurts, their minds

And hearts with oils he soothes them

With righteousness and truth

Smoothing their paths

Spreading a table before them

Their cup overflows

In the valley of death they do not fear

For in the house of their

Lord there is no despair

A room to hold them in that great

Mansion He has prepared

Dwelling forever!

“The rod and staff leads them”

Last Night’s Dream

“A Belfry Tower Sits High Above”

With the Pandemic seeming to heighten and many more taking

Masks and social distancing seriously, there is fear, for no one

Knows what is to come. Ironically, we have no where to go,

Our houses of worship, normally offering our need to have

Words of courage and hope, are unavailable. Doors are

Locked and we know not when they will reopen. The other

Day I saw a church sitting high on a hill and these words

Came to my mind –

Last night I had a dream,
of a house once full of light,
a belfry tower sits high above,
inviting all to come.
A home for all the weary and
contrite, a house full of praise
and joy.

In the second month of a new
decade, the year 2020,
many made a resolution
to have a better year than last,

when suddenly intervened,

for a great pandemic has
spreading across the earth.

Churches, temples and synagogues
here and abroad

are suddenly closed and locked.
Pews once full of people now
are empty.

No rest and peace are found.
The wavering candle’s flame
has been extinguished,

light shadowed with
darkness, where now shall we go
to worship?
But are we not God’s temple
dwelling within us, serving
one another? Lifting each other
when we fall? Doing His will
honoring Him…
We are given hope in God’s word,
though we may not have
a temple or a church to worship

*Quoting the vision given to John
the Revelator,
“But I saw no temple in the city…
It had no need of the sun or the
moon to shine on it, (for there shall
be no night there) the Lord God is its
And the gates are never locked!

Revelation Chapter 21 in God’s Word

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Ideation To Intervention

“Negative Thoughts Can Be Intervened With
Positive Ones”

As I mentioned in my last few posts, this is a challenging

Time. The death of my son occurred in the month of July.

He took his life, and with much grief I have tried to work

Through the ravaging effects it has left on myself and my


Two years after this I attempted to also take mine. The

Frightening thing about this is it came on suddenly, I

Did not plan it. I remember the day before I had stood at

The doctor and therapists office with the thought if they

Did not help me I did not know how I would ever make it.

I went home with a despair that I had no idea I had.

The next day something clicked in my head, reaching

For a bottle of pills, I locked my dogs in my apartment, and

Headed for the store, where I bought a bottle of wine,

Which was out of the ordinary, for I never drink, and then

Drove up a lonely road.

There is a name for thoughts of suicide ideation, but I did

Not plan this at this time.

When my son was found, it hit with such force that at

That time I did have the thoughts but was unable to

Complete them. They say that when someone does

Complete the act, it has an enormous effect on family and

Friends. It can cause a cluster effect.

I had many times in the past wish I could die, and

Wondered on occasion why I didn’t. As a young girl

My mother and I were standing on a corner waiting

For a bus and I fainted. I had cut my leg (by accident)

On a rusty nail and I had hid it from my mother, I

Had blood poison, and by all rights I should have died.

I think all of us can look back on incidences that

Should have taken us but by some force we were

Spared. I remember driving down a steep grade and

The brakes went out. Again I was spared. I believe

God intervened in the times we were spared, for

There was a plan to use us in ways we before hand

Did not understand.

I have written a couple of poems to relate my experience

With this ugly illness.



It was a sudden decision, a force

Grabbed my mind, to all things

On earth I was blind.

I was done!

A warm summer evening, with

Beauty all around, that I would

Never again look upon.

A bottle of pills and a bottle of

Wine would do this job just fine.

Driving up the road past homes

Of friends, I did not realize the pain

My decision would bring.

But this would only be for a time.

Friends would soon forget, I would

Be forgotten, as time went on.

The sun began to set, as I parked

The car on a far off road.

My last night on earth, taking

One more look, shadows lingering

Upon the hills. I twisted the cork,

Tipping the bottle to my lips,

Taking the bottle of pills, with one

More look at the lavender hills.

Falling asleep, death would be a

Sweet release.

Suddenly I awoke to the sound of

Words, I was placed on a stretcher,

They were trying to keep me alive.

I was angry, “why God was I not

Taken, did You have something

Else in mind, did I try to stop my

Clock, just for You to rewind?”

This was my intention, but He had

Plans of intervention. The answer

To this question would come in


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