Fair Eve . . .

And out of the garden God spoke trees!

Fair Eve, the woman God gave Adam to be, veiled in light and beauty to the eye

was warned not to stray from Adam’s side!

Tempted to doubt God’s command, to the forbidden tree she crept, not heeding the warning, plucking the fruit. The once divine seed now became a noxious weed.

With tears of sorrow she wept!

And at that moment eternity ceased and time began. A cooling chill crossed the land. The sting of the serpent struck her heart. His sinister voice following her close as she ran and hid! Where was her dear Adam then?

And This Is When The Beginning Of History Began!

“And it was good”


And The Evening And The Morning Were The Third Day


Land and water must be divided, waters
running to the seas, rivers and ponds
But the land was barren and dry
and hopeless to the eye!

Then with a pocket full of seed, a shovel and a
hoe, God circled the earth, filling every valley
field and hole, watering with tears of joy.
And a sudden laughter sprang from His voice
and all the angels sang!

Surely His children will be delighted with this!
And so the third day was finished, and as He stood
upon the land, His words rang loud and clear
declaring “It was good!”

Genesis Chapter 1

Evening came and then morning . .

With a brand new year upon usA refreshing series of the 6 day Creation Week!


In the splendor of a new earth, darkness is no longer darkness

as the LIGHT shines through . . .

The FATHER of lights shone through the darkness

dividing the light calling the light DAY

and the darkness
HE called NIGHT

And this was the first day and He was
pleased, but HE was not finished.


chamber doors must separate waters of the
deep creating air that HIS children may breathe.
And He called the air in between, heaven.


Book of Genesis Chapter 1

New beginnings . . .


here we are the first week of January quickly coming to a close
and many of us have made choices to better our lives to increase peace and contentment!

I know I have done this numerous times, particularly in recovery,
only to be reminded I cannot do it on my own. . . leaving me in the state I once found myself.

When one day my therapist shared a tool- a linear chart of what recovery is really about. Below is a poem I wrote when I was confined to my bed while on heavy psychotic drugs.

Is it a dream, it seems
like a dream? Waking
with a start I know it
is not.

Opening my eyes
I am ashamed.

How it came about I
could not explain.

A brittle soul about to break,
slumber I once more

There is a stirring as I awake.
Saying a prayer “My soul to take.”

Crispness of sheets brush
against my skin,
a fever begins and my body
seems to melt, sheets now wet
with the trickle of sweat.

Beginning to thirst
and bereft of water, I
become hotter, beginning
to falter.

The hopeful anecdote to my
illness has provoked it
instead. Another potion
has created more mental

The walls seem empty as
I stare in space,
searching for anything
to break the dreariness
of this place.

On the left hangs a picture,
dismal and grey, to the
right a window, dressed
in lavender and lace.

Hanging from a silver rod.
lifting my head from
the bed, moving my legs to
the floor.

Reaching for the wall with
trembling hands.

I pull the curtain to my
side, as I cry “This piece
of cloth I wish to hang
above my head.”

As I try, my arms are not
high enough, my hammer and
nails strong enough, my
measure true enough.

Sitting in the
midst of failure I quit.
In my brokenness something
greater than I draws the
curtain aside.

With His rod accurate and right,
draping His banner of love
over me in peace and light!

And so on this 7th day of January
awakening after a restless night
I am reminded that I will not be left
in this state – it will lift in time just as
the chart explains!

Signs And Wonders


With Twelve Young Men

I climbed Olivet

Following their Teacher’s footsteps

With His Disciples I questioned –

“Why are there so many disturbing things happening? What will be the signs of Your soon coming?” This Teacher will surely have all the answers to these things approaching! Upon the Mount they looked, upon the temple beautiful and proud. But their Teacher warned – “Not one stone will remain but all shall be thrown down!”

For as it was in the days of Noah –

So shall it be, eating and drinking, marrying and given in marriage, then the flood took them all away. There shall be earthquakes, wars, pestilence and plagues. But be not afraid, though you may be betrayed . . . I will never leave you or forsake you . . The sun will be darkened, the moon will not give her light – the stars will fall from the sky – and the heavens will be shaken! Many shall say “Look for Me in the desert or in the chamber, do not go there!” For as the light comes from the east and flashes toward the west so shall you see Me when I come back. For no one knows the hour I will come – only my Father in heaven.

Though the days may be dark and dreary – look up to the sky and know I am with you – I am your hiding place I preserve you from trouble – all who look to Me I will rescue!

Quotes from ‘The Book Of Matthew’
‘The Book of Joel’
In God’s Word

*On the night of November12-13, 1833, a spectacular meteor storm
over North America created the appearance of millions of stars
raining from the sky.
The dark day took place on May 19, 1780 in New England and
parts of Canada
‘There was a great earthquake (Lisbon
Earthquake) and the sun became black . . . and the moon
became as blood.”

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