Sandbox of time . . .

Good Sabbath Morning!

Life is like a sandbox, an hour glass of sand swiftly passing, with a day each week to rest and reflect, to play and spend glorious times together . . .

Each week they had a special day to meet. Having such a good time together, playing and laughing, building sand castles with kings and queens and every imaginable thing.

One day she became too busy and forgot their special day. And now her bucket is too heavy and her shovel is filled with holes. Sand sifts through her fingers having no place to go!

“Don’t forget My Sabbath day of rest
Book of Exodus

My yoke is easy and my burden is light”
Book of Matthew

Oh that we might believe . . .

On the eighth day after the Resurrection

Even after beholding his Lord’s resurrection, doubting Thomas would not believe. Then on the eighth day his Lord appeared to his friends and Thomas believed. How many times we so aptly forget the wonders of His love and the gift of His Resurrection!

The following is a metaphor – when we are tempted to forget to believe!

A dove is preparing for her journey…

“Take me with you” I said
“For you have wings of rest and are
heavenly dressed
and I am weary, my burden is
heavy, seeking peace and tranquility”

Would the skies by bluer?
The birds sweeter?
The flowers brighter?

All that makes me long for something better!

We sped across the skies, the sunrise in its splendor

The sunset as it dies This far her wings have brought me Our flight to heaven’s gates ajar This surely is where I was meant to be For all is peace and rest My head bereft of thoughts of doubt No clouds to cover heaven’s light above And a voice speaks within “Why should I be at peace when those left behind are seeking peace as well?” For perhaps not all in the world has been in vain Some things are true For what is a mind without a thought? Even if it is one of doubt! In a God without a trust? Trust in Him I must! A bell without a ring? Or a bird that cannot sing! In all these things He brings to be! Though the longing in my heart to stay Though I wanted so badly here to go I must to earth return To help others along the way!

Good Sabbath morning . . .

A Sabbath Day Reflection!

As a mother gathers her children . . .

Many gave their hearts to God on that Crucifixion Friday – but many rejected Him.

“How often I would have gathered your children together but you would not let me . . .

“As a hen protects her brood under her wings”

God’s word in Luke 13:34

During our days of fear and doubt, we would be gathered
together, but sometimes we allow it not

Sometimes I wonder
could God be as much a mother as He is a Father to us?

Sanctuary of the Heart

Good Morning On This First Day After Easter Sunday

The search for the peace so desired has been fulfilled!

The wind subsides, the dust abandons its pallor, revealing in the
distance prisms of colors, the journey has been long.. now is seen in
the distance a green oasis of trees with pools of waters
A welcome sight as she walks toward this mirage
Coming closer there is a covering fashioned as a tent
a strange shelter of cloth

Is this where God could be living?
Is this the One she is looking
for the One she could not reach?

Quietly drawing near, a sense of holiness
fills the air, the door to this tent is covered with
a curtain, as she draws it aside a beautiful and
solemn sight meets her eyes

A candlestick with seven lamps of gold
are scrolled with lilies and leaves, filled with
oil for light, both day and night, a table with
bread and drink, symbolizing the body and
blood of the Lord risen from the dead

A veil of angels embroidered in
purple, with threads of gold, fringed with
pomegranates of red, she is taken with the sight
and wants to go beyond the veil, the one torn in
two, while His body was crucified

She is touched “God, did your dear Son
really do all this for us?” Past the inner veil
in the Holy of Holies, is an arc overlaid with
gold, once containing the law of God

The law in the arc is no longer there!
For through His death it is now written in our hearts
What does all this mean, a shadow of the dwelling
place of the One we seek? It is a pattern of the
temple residing in heaven!

A story based on the description of the Sanctuary
in the Book of Hebrews Chapter 8

On this Holy Sabbath day

He rested from all His labors . . . A Day to always remember!

. . . Joseph had taken His body

And laid it in his own new tomb . . .

Jesus gave a loud cry and breathed his last . . . At that moment the earth shook , the rocks split apart . . . but Jesus laid quietly in his tomb of a broken heart!!

On the first day of creation God created light
On the second day He created air in a great expanse
On day three plants and trees

He made lights in the heavens on day four
And creatures in the sky and waters on day five
Resting on day seven declaring it good

When man sinned he gave his body and blood to save the condemned

During this Holy Week let not this Day between death and life be forgotten!

The sun refused to shine that day…

With a frown it slowly faded away!

GOOD FRIDAY – On this 7th day of April 2023

Darkness filled the sky
lightning struck, thunder rolled
A voice called

“Father forgive them for they
know not what they do”
A Man hung upon a tree
The night before he prayed
“Let this bitter cup pass from me”

Yet not my will but thine be done
And this JESUS called out to his father

“Why hast though forsaken me?”
Mockers spit upon His body
A robe of purple a crown of thorns
dressed this holy One
The heathen raged, the Pharisees
gloated, they had their way
The sky split in two, the rocks
broke asunder
His body thrust with a spear
water and blood from a broken
heart appeared
Oh Caiaphas why did you plot
to kill this Man?
Were you not warned
Have nothing to do with Him
of His guilt you washed your hands
But they cried out:
“Crucify Him!”

The day He died He bowed His
head and cried
“It is finished”
The temple veil torn in two
Joseph laid Him in a tomb
especially hewn for Him . . .

Quotations from the Book of Matthew chapter 27

It was a solemn occasion…

April 6th – Maundy Thursday Evening

For a new celebration of remembrance was given!

As the Lord gave to His friends

Bread given for His body
The Passover wine for His blood

For the Paschal Lamb would the very next day
be offered in His Crucifixion

The invitation is given for all to partake

For there

Is plenty of room at His table, a table draped
In white linen, bread and drink freely given

Candlelight reflecting the Last Supper until
He returns taking his children to heaven!

Good Wednesday evening . . .

On this 5th day of April at sunset – Passover begins

A sacred observance taking place among the Jewish people

commemorating the story of the Israelite’s departure from ancient Egypt, commanded by God, that His people will always remember their deliverance from slavery!

“In that day I will set apart the Land of Goshen
where my people dwell…

Exodus 8:22

In the land of Egypt a pallor has spread, death is imminent
all sits in darkness but the Land of Goshen where God’s chosen people
wait for deliverance… And so Moses took his staff in hand, for he had a
plan to lead God’s people out of their slavery land

Before Pharaoh he cast a rod, a serpent appeared, Pharoah
became scared, to this stubborn man Moses said “Let these people go
or pestilence and plague will come upon you and your people”

Then Moses struck the water, the River Nile turned to blood
frogs invaded Pharaoh’s palace, into piles the frogs were heaped
dust was turned to lice and and flies, flying upon man and beast

And all his people pled with him “Let them go” but once again
he would not answer, until the angel of death struck his son, then this
frightened man said “Into the desert wilderness take your people

that they may worship your God in heaven” and so the great Exodus began!
Multitudes of people were driven from Egypt, Pharaoh changed his mind
God was tired of his lies! Following close behind the king
sought the people, but this, God had forbidden

A large sea appeared, God split it in two, on dry land His
children passed through, on the other side they sang and cried

“We have been saved, but Pharaoh and his army He cast into
the sea, the waters swallowed them and they all died, let this story be
told to our children and to all generations!

And now the following day all these people shall celebrate the Passover Feast
It is a festival to the Lord!

Tears of Love

On this 4th day of Holy Week!

It had been a long journey

As Jesus and His friends entered Jerusalem. And they were in need of rest, as they climbed the steps to Mt. Olivet. . .

James Tissot – Jesus Wept – Public Domain

The sun in splendor shown that day

upon a golden sky . . . and when He looked upon the beloved city, He bowed His head and wept, for their people refused to listen to the warnings and His love reject!

The King arrives…

It was springtime and many pilgrims were on their way to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover, a yearly event held with
much excitement!

Jesus enters into Jerusalem, riding on a colt, the foal of an ass, which
He had given His disciples to secure.
Many believed Jesus would be the earthly king to deliver them.
Joy animated the people with hope of the new kingdom to
But He declared His kingdom would not be of
this world!

*Five hundred years before the birth of Christ
the prophet Zechariah prophesied the coming of the
King to Israel, this prophecy is now to be fulfilled.
Zechariah 9:9