Ten young bridesmaids

With lamps trimmed and burning

Long ago in an ancient land
a village sat on a hill, the sun was
setting and the shadows gathering
And from the windows of a house
light was streaming with laughter and
Ten young ladies were sewing
their gowns of silk and lace braided
with silver and gold
Each had a lamp trimmed and

There is excitement in the air
for a marriage procession will soon
take place
A bride is waiting for her groom
the night is far spent and weary of
the wait the ten young ladies fell

At midnight there is heard a cry
“The bridegroom has come to take
home his bride”

Waking abruptly, smoothing their
gowns, plaiting their hair, they all rush
out with lamps trimmed and burning
Five were wise and had plenty of
oil, but five were foolish and had not
Running to the wise, “Give us of
your oil” but the wise replied,
“We have not enough to spare”
“Go to the village and find some there”
The five returned with oil in their
lamps, but the five wise had already
gone into the wedding feast and the
door was shut
The five foolish were left in darkness

The message is given – Watch and pray
with your lamps trimmed and burning
for you know not the hour the Bridegroom
will come to take home His bride!

Images courtesy of ‘freebibleimages.org’

Breakfast by the sea…

My cup was overflowing
my plate full
sitting at the
cafe nestled by the bay
When a storm appeared on the horizon the bay becoming

my cup becoming empty and my heart shattered…
On a trip to Mexico with my son, we had a favorite cafe where we
dined, looking over the peaceful sea, little did I know of his sudden
death that would leave me with only memories…

There is a story called
‘Breakfast By The Sea’
When fisherman went out
in their boats and that night they caught
nothing. Then they heard a Man’s voice
saying “Cast your nets on the right side
of the boat”
and their nets were full! When they saw
on shore a fire of coals with fish laid on it, and
bread… a Man’s voice invited them to
“Come and eat breakfast”and they were full.

Never are our cups too empty to be filled to overflowing once more!

Sanctuary of the Heart

The wind subsides, the dust abandons its pallor, revealing in the
distance prisms of colors, the journey has been long.. now is seen in
the distance a green oasis of trees with pools of waters
A welcome sight as she walks toward this mirage
Coming closer there is a covering fashioned as a tent
a strange shelter of cloth

Is this where God could be living?
Is this the One she is looking
for the One she could not reach?

Quietly drawing near, a sense of holiness
fills the air, the door to this tent is covered with
a curtain, as she draws it aside a beautiful and
solemn sight meets her eyes

A candlestick with seven lamps of gold
are scrolled with lilies and leaves, filled with
oil for light, both day and night, a table with
bread and drink, symbolizing the body and
blood of the Lord risen from the dead

A veil of angels embroidered in
purple, with threads of gold, fringed with
pomegranates of red, she is taken with the sight
and wants to go beyond the veil, the one torn in
two, while His body was crucified

She is touched “God, did your dear Son
really do all this for us?” Past the inner veil
in the Holy of Holies, is an arc overlaid with
gold, once containing the law of God

The law in the arc is no longer there!
For through His death it is now written in our hearts
What does all this mean, a shadow of the dwelling
place of the One we seek? It is a pattern of the
temple residing in heaven!

Book of Hebrews 8:5

It was a solemn occasion…

Gathering about the table on that Thursday evening
for the Lord and His disciples would no longer eat of
the Passover Feast again!

A new Celebration of Remembrance was given
As their Lord took of the bread and wine

giving it to His friends
bread given for His body
the Passover wine* for His blood

For the Paschal Lamb would the very next day
be offered in His Crucifixion
* * * *

The invitation is given for all to partake
for there
is plenty of room at His table, a table draped
in white linen, bread and drink freely given
candlelight reflecting the Last Supper until
He returns taking his children to heaven!

*Untouched by fermentation
Nothing corrupted could represent
“The Lamb without blemish and
without spot”

The Desire Of Ages
Page 653

Happy Passover on this 5th day of Holy Week!

“So this day shall be to you a memorial…to remind you
of your deliverance from the land of Egypt.”

Exodus 12:14

The Feast of Unleavened Bread is served with special
foods, symbols of the Israelites’ journey from their
land of slavery

“And they baked unleavened cakes of the dough
they had brought out of Egypt…”seven days
you shall eat unleavened bread”

Exodus 12:39

And all of these symbols were a reminder of
God’s Passover, sparing His people

Exodus 12:13

A sea split in two…

A sacred journey taking place among the Jewish people, commemorating the story

of the Israelites departure from ancient Egypt, commanded by God,

that His people will always remember their deliverance from slavery!

“In that day I will set apart the Land of Goshen
where my people dwell…

Exodus 8:22

In the land of Egypt a pallor has spread, death is imminent
all sits in darkness but the Land of Goshen where God’s chosen people
wait for deliverance… And so Moses took his staff in hand, for he had a
plan to lead God’s people out of their slavery land

Before Pharoah he cast a rod, a serpent appeared, Pharoah
became scared , to this stubborn man Moses said “Let these people go
or pestilence and plague will come upon you and your people”

Then Moses struck the water, the River Nile turned to blood
frogs invaded the Pharoah’s palace, into piles the frogs were heaped
dust was turned to lice and and flies, flying upon man and beast

And all his people pled with him “Let them go” but once again
he would not answer, until the angel of death struck his son, then this
frightened man said “Into the desert wilderness take your people

that they may worship your God in heaven” and so the great Exodus began!
Multitudes of people were driven from Egypt, Pharoah changed his mind
God was tired of his lies! Following close behind the king
sought the people, but this, God had forbidden

A large sea appeared, God split it in two, on dry land His
children passed through, on the other side they sang and cried

“We have been saved, but Pharoah and his army He cast into
the sea, the waters swallowed them and they all died, let this story be
told to our children and to all generations!

And now the following day all these people shall celebrate the Passover Feast
It is a festival to the Lord!

Good morning on this fourth day of Holy Week, also called the Passion Week!


Its been just short of two decades ago, at Easter time, when one
of the most questionable movies was released that stunned
the world with violent scenes of brutality and graphic images.

‘The Passion Of The Christ’ was witnessed by many in horror
at the cruelty toward an innocent Man, depicting the last twelve
hours of His life, tortured and crucified. What was the reason
for a Man to be beaten and presented as a spectacle to the
Many were perplexed and wondered why? Had the producers
forgotten to include that Christ’s love for us took Him to the
cross, bearing the suffering and pain that we may be saved?

After two exhausting days in Jerusalem,
this day was spent in rest at Bethany in
anticipation of the Passover. Little did
His disciples know of the tragic events
soon to take place in the next few days!

The King arrives…

It was in the springtime and many pilgrims were on their
way to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover, a yearly event held with
much excitement.
On the first day of this Holy Week Christ continues
His entrance into Jerusalem, riding on a colt which
He had given the command to secure, the foal of
an ass. *
Many believed Jesus would be the earthly king to deliver them
A new life and joy animated the people. The hope of the new kingdom was
again springing up!
But He declared His kingdom would not be of
this world!

*Five hundred years before the birth of Christ
it was prophesied, foretelling the coming of the
King to Israel, this prophecy is now to be fulfilled.
Zechariah 9:9

Triumph of Victory

Palm Sunday -The First Day of Holy Week

Many Christian churches
follow the tradition of the celebration of the Easter Week
with palm branches, representing the palm branches which the crowd
scattered in front of Christ as he rode triumphantly into Jerusalem!

The sun shining brighter, the flowers sweeter
the grass greener, in the street the children singing and dancing with the sound of
laughter welcome their King with the banner of joy and peace!