Blessings of rest on this Sabbath evening . . .

The time of the harvest had been fulfilled!
The increased fertility of the soil from its lying fallow one year out of seven!

We all need rest but find little time to pursue it!

It seems beyond our grasp with the demands of our daily challenges, our cares and concerns to live in a world
beyond our existence!

An ancient tradition from long ago was given, that the land
may rest every seventh year, called a – Sabbatical Rest!
Like the weekly Sabbath set aside for all to rest – a
reminder of our dependence on God for all of our provisions!

The Book of Leviticus Chapter 25:4
The Book of Genesis Chapter 2:2-3

‘Beyond Blue’ – The month of September is suicide awareness month . . .

It is often hard to know what to say to someone that
has lost a loved one to suicide – and also to someone
who has attempted, but not completed it!

Reflections on Grief and Compassion for
this devastating loss

‘Beyond Blue‘ * is an organization specializing in mental health issues
and offers support regarding suicide
prevention services

After my lose of a loved one to suicide
I knew others meant well and cared, but had a lack of words to express their sympathy. Sometimes just to allow a person to be present and still with your grief is all that is needed!

My loss came shortly after I had made a life changing move to reach out
furthering my goals in life. I was turned upside-down and found
myself suddenly going in a different direction. I suffered blame for having
done this – if only I hadn’t left the situation and been present to help him, it
would have been alright. I had to move to a different location to seek
resources to support me in this loss. There are many resources available
just a few of many listed below –

Find A Support Group

988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

The American Foundation for
Suicide Prevention
Lists US and International Support Groups
as a public service

*Beyond Blue – After a suicide loss providing
information to help manage grief and ways to
support someone

May each person dealing with this loss find
compassion and understanding

Happy Birthday to our world!

September 25th – 27th, 2022

A Reflection of the celebration of the creation of our world!

Celebrating the Jewish New Year!

Of the creation of the world
and of Adam and Eve!

TEN GIFTS – spoken in the beginning of time – from
The Creator of LIGHT and LIFE!

May we reflect on our lives as well –

“For every good gift and every perfect
gift is from above. . . from the Father of
lights in whom there is neither shadow
nor turning” *

but where to begin is the question

It is not too late to look within, to do what
we have feared, but where to begin is the
Darkness is no darkness to Him
as we summon the world to remember
our things said and unsaid leaving us
But don’t give up – remember The One who
created our world speaks light to a
troubled mind!

*The Book of James 1:17

The years will not be wasted . . .

with the desert and its harsh existence burning sand and wind-worn hills
scavengers consuming the very existence giving little hope of a fertile land –

When an unexpected
hand reached down, a clearer picture
was seen with running streams and fruitful
plains! A rich banquet had been prepared with enough to spare!

Sitting on a bench reflecting
on her life, there is a longing in her heart
why had not her formative years been spared?

But the promise rang true
“The years the locust have eaten have not been wasted
they will be restored” **
The bumps and ridges of dry desert sand truly
had become bridges to a better land!

A Metaphoric Reflection

Her humble house stood in array
The kitchen table with empty chairs
is saddened, in the cupboards are
antagonists chewing

Lowly locusts with their flatulent bellies and
bulging eyes inch their way through grubby
cabinets . . . a cry is heard as smoke comes
through the door
It is sad, this house is now ashes
but it has to be

The scavengers of earth must bow in solemnity
to the sacred word

The cabinets are no longer stirring
gnawing has ceased as the locusts retreat

This girl of dust is no longer a wanderlust
Her house has become a home glowing
within, she would like to invite all to come
and eat, there is plenty of room at the table
A table draped in white linen, bread and
drink fully given, candlelight reflecting the
faces of those no longer hidden!

These are selected verses from my book
“The Wanderlust”
** The Book of Joel 2:25

The Potter’s Clay

IN life’s deepest sorrow when it seems the pain is too much to bear, the scrapes and bruises and festering wounds, leave a vessel marred until there is no place to go, but back to the Potter’s wheel from which we were made!

Of colored earth, a vessel was made, a piece of clay formed at the potter’s
wheel, baking perfect and good.

Taking His paddle with a scoop of earth, tempering on the spinning wheel,
the rotating force makes me dizzy with its busy motion.
The knife of the potter scrapes the unneeded clay, baking again and sealed
once more, a new vessel in the hand of the potter!

Wishing you blessings on this Sabbath evening

Since the beginning of time there has been
a time set aside that we may rest
A tower of safety where we may run and hide

“The finest grapes of rose and purple”
The Gatekeeper’s Child

On a fruitful hill
the gardener fences a plot
gathering stones then
planting the choicest of

The finest grapes of rose and purple
clustered among splashes of green
woody leaves and branches weave
through shadows and sun.

The song of the Beloved
touches his vineyard.

His pleasant plants reap
a harvest in the autumn
yielding fruits of sweetness.

A winepress is built to
press the fruit and a strong

tower is placed in the
midst that his watchman may
watch for thieves and
robbers and the people run
in and are safe.*

Hiring a gatekeeper to protect
his vines, the absent gardner
leaves the country traveling
to a far off land.

The gatekeeper’s child,
fair skinned, with
bright blue eyes and

blonde tosseled hair,
digs in flower beds with
songs of laughter.

One night the gatekeeper became
imbibed, partaking of the wine,

becoming mean, his rage bent
on destruction, the child is

Forgetting to watch for the
enemy, a robber crept in while
he slept, stealing his child,
who ran and hid.

A darkness covered the garden,
the fruit withered and died,

sweet smell of the tender
grapes now tainted, became
sour wine.

The landholder returns,
questioning, “where is my
gatekeeper and his child?”
But there is no reply.

Sending his gardner to search
far and near,
the gatekeeper comes to his

with love and prayers bidding
his son’s return, the child
runs into the tower of safety.

The vines are now tended with
love and care, the richness of
the garden brings about much
more fruit than before.

  • Proverbs 18:10

Earth Chants . . .

An Allegory

Part One
“From the abundance of waves from crest to crest seeking rest”

Dark and dreary as a
December morning
as if flakes of snow are about to fall
but in mid September the threat of ashes
spew from the sky. The air subjected to
smoke and toxic fumes from raging fires.

From the four corners of the earth, a planet in cosmic
waste – as if
A Requiem of Remembrance is said for a world lost to death!

Coming from the sea of an interior womb
of this earth’s unstable waters of fertility
A sea room floating in ambience in a fetal
position, unaware

The sad seagulls cry searching for a meal
turtles, eels, colorful starfish all going
about their activity, life screams in the
sea encompassed in a grey bowl of
There is a feud in the great surge of the
waves the fragility of the earth is in

The force of the currents carry to shore
chemicals clash vapors pass, tears fall
upon ashes turning to stone

Earth is a shell waiting to be filled
crushed from the impact
of warring swells its tongue muted its
eyes scaled ears stung with deafening tones

From the abundance of its waves from crest to
crest and ever presseing on to find sweetness of waters
What is its destination?
It has taken a rest in a sepulcher of death!

A Requiem is said!

Part Two

Choirs sing in lamentations words
expressing grief for
a world taken by the thief
succumbed in silence in an allegorical dream
The earth lays in a coffin – Forgotten!

Chanters pressed together in black disguise
leather sandals ready for the battle
ringing of censors chanting their venomous songs

Part Three

“Who will win this battle of death?”
“Who will prevail?”
Angels answer!
“Jesus, He is victor over death”
“Victory is won! Oh death where is
your sting? Salvation He brings!”

Earth’s chanters lift their voices in unison
marching against the curse of the dying and
A Requiem of Life now Sung
and “Amen” is said!