The Red Shoes

We went to the store to look at shoes,
I chose a red pair, shiny and pretty.
Mama said I could not have them now,
We would come back, she had an errand
She must do, to double the money so she
Could buy food and shoes.

We left the store and walked down
The street, coming to a building
Lit with enticing lights, red and
Yellow, blue and white, blinking,
Sparkling in the night. Machines
Playing music, tinkling coins,

Children playing on the street, cold
And hungry. She would be there until
The money was done. Coming through
The door with a frown on her face,
She had lost the money – no shoes
For another two weeks – but then it
Would happen all over again!

Broken Parts

I am a grown up now with a
Little girl’s heart, I offend easily
So please, don’t expect too much.
I wish I could do want you want,
To be generous with my heart,
To be the person you want me
To be, but I just can’t, it has been
Broken apart. I cry, I weep, I
Tried to be the best for your sakes,
But I lost a lot of pieces in the
Diseases – how can I be put back
Together again? Maybe a little
Grease or a bottle of glue and
Some stickers too?
Thinking this was the answer to
My damaged parts, torn and red.
I even tried to sew with a needle
And thread, this is madness, am
I to fix a fractured body? I just can’t.
But there is One who can do what
I can’t do, One that will bind my
Bruises and wounds and make me
well again!

Clock On The Mantel

The clock on the mantel struck
Half past ten, the hour to retire
For most women and men.
I listened to the clock, heard a
Knock on the door. I looked,
No one was there. Half past two
Still awake with nothing to do.
Half past four I fell asleep,
Forgetting the mother I had
Expected to come through the
A gust of wind blew through
The window, death came in
With a shroud on his face,
Coming to take me, not yet was
My plea, I have more to do,
Much to undo.
Death agreed to let me stay,
He gathered his cloak about him
And went on his way.
I suddenly awoke, knowing this
Was but a dream!


  • In my head began the separation,
    Very slowly interrupting the normal
    As an elevator coming to a halt,
    At each traumatism.

  • As it slowly descended, it became
    Obstructed at the head and body 
    Connection, causing disconcertion.

  • The motor slowly lost its ability
    To function, leaving the body to
    Flounder in desperation.

  • One day I was doing a meditation.
    A child appeared hanging
    Her head in condemnation.
    I asked her what she needed. 
    She said “I need to know I am 
    Received in appreciation.

  • I told her she had my admiration,
    For surviving the annihilation.
    She slowly lifted her head and 
    Smiled, as the elevator continued
    Its operation!

  • Copyright (c)2019 by Donna Nieri 

The Box

It arrived, it was a solemn 
Occasion, people were
Hesitant, I did not know why.
I tried to look in, but I was
Too small and it was too tall.
A narrow box, I was curious, 
What was in it?
I tried to lift the lid, but my 
Fingers could not reach.
With each attempt I became
More intent to see what this 
Box meant.
As time went by I became 
Older, going back to see if
Perhaps I could open it now…
I visited the box when life was
Violent and I was seeking 
Visiting a garden of rest, as 
They lowered a box in the earth,
There were similarities as the 
One I had seen as a child.
Then I knew it was for those who
Had ceased.
That could be me!

And then one day I fell asleep,
And was planted in the box
Reserved for me.

Waiting to be broken and come
To new life..
But no earthly box can contain 
My soul, for when it is time for
Me to rise, ‘He cries’…
Pulling me through this earth’s 
Crust, I am thrust out of the
Box to receive the heavenly
Prize, one the coffers of this
Earth cannot provide!