The first Christmas tree . . .

The beauty of the hills against the starry skies

The first Christmas tree had its beginning in Germany in the 16th
century, when Christians brought trees into their homes.

There is a
story told of Martin Luther, the great Protestant Reformer, who
was walking home one wintry night.

And as he gazed upon the
snowy hills in the distance, the beauty of the hills silhouetted
against the starry skies, he was stricken with the majesty of
God’s creation.

Returning home, gathering his
children about a tree, they decorated
it with candles!

The nativity scene with holding the Christ Child

Around the year 1226, St Francis of Assisi created the first
Nativity scene with live animals, and the manger holding the
Christ Child. In the Middle Ages, many people could neither
read nor write, and in order to share these heavenly truths,
actors traveled from town to town, reenacting these scenes in
passion plays. These are just some of many more traditions that
are observed at the Advent season!

Welcoming the first day of Advent on this 27th day of November . . .

The tradition of the ‘Hanging of the Greens’

is held in many churches
as we begin the journey toward this Christmas

Certain colors
are symbolic, the color green represents the living evergreen of
God’s earth.

The Advent wreath and its candle represents the One

who is about to be born dispelling the darkness of this world!

May this Christmas season bring life, love, joy, and peace
reminding us to remember and prepare
for the birth of Jesus!

Shared Harvest. . .

A sower went forth to sow his seed . . .

It was early that morning
as the sun began its circuit
in the eastern sky

a land of plenty had
yielded a good crop

gleaned for the coming
year to sow seed in the

Carefully sorting his
seed the night before
the sower went forth to
sow and as he sowed some

seed fell by the wayside
and the birds came and
devoured them some fell
upon stony places where

they had not much earth
and when they sprang up
the sun scorched them

and they withered away
and some fell among thorns
and they choked them.

But others fell upon good ground
and the rains fell and the harvest
was great and enough to share
with all!

Inspired by ‘The Parable of the Sower’

Good morning on this Sabbath day . . .

A Sabbath Day Reflection

In just six days earth hung in space
Light brought forth life to a darkened world
Then God looked at all he had made
meadows, trees and little blue flowers rivers, streams

oceans and seas
Then God laughed and with His hands
“I’ll make me beasts!
And out of the ground sprang creatures small and big
Roaming over hills and plains
And it was good!
Then as he stood above the earth
“One more creature I must make”
And this great Father desiring children
took a handful of dust and a scoop of clay shaping them
in his own image breathing
life into Adam and his wife!

“In six days God made heaven and earth
and on the seventh day he rested from all
he had made!”

Genesis 2:2