Good blessings on this Friday evening

September 24th 2021

Through our busy week with hectic schedules and earthly demands,
we have not been forgotten…on this Sabbath ‘eve we have been given
a restful day of celebration!
All things in the past forgiven

resting places have arisen
The magic number seven
opens the door of heaven
This is new to be here
I knew not I would rest here
things seem so clear here
The roses I behold
before I had not presence
of mind to see the beauty
they hold
Prone to share this heavenly
I seek one as I, to ever press
on together!

Excerpts of this poem are
from my book ‘Unshaken’
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In an autumn field I walked one day…

The breeze blew upon the trees, the poplar, beech and willow, once providing
shade, now their leaves in piles lay, but the old oak tree stands alone,
fully dressed, quietly defying the rest. Not one leaf shakes, not one branch
breaks. It is unshaken!… Standing below this majestic tree, surveying the
strength it is to me, I like the oak, holding on to the the old, must wait in His
time to make room for the new. Until then I am left unshaken!

Portions of this poem appear in
my book “Unshaken”

Good Wednesday morning and happy first day of fall

And to all across the world, though your season’s beginnings
are not as ours, and our time line may not
be as yours, did not our same God in His kitchen of old,
stir His bowl with a little dirt and water, molding and
folding, adding sons and daughters, carving a little
space for every man, woman and race? No matter where
we live, it does not determine our faith!

Fisher of Thoughts

Sometimes it can feel like we are in a turbulent sea
of thoughts, drowning in a war we are unable to
fight, with voices screaming…

In the early dawn of the morning hours, a ship scours an angry
sea of thoughts. Troweling on the deep, a fisherman holds the
line, while a thought is caught, a larger one than anyone had
thought rises to the top, the battle begins leaving the fisherman

Above the commotion a
voice is heard, “Push her down” and an answer says, “How
far down?” As far down as the thoughts are buried”

“Hurry cast a line and reel it in with all your fury” And
another voice says “It is too big and my mind is too small
how can I let go I am sinking? With a body that is weak, with
all my strength, on my knees, every muscle, bone and
grandiose groan has hit the bottom”

Another Voice is heard, “Leave them alone they will only harm
you” The fisherman no longer distraught releases his thoughts
into the depths of the sea!

I have written this story
inspired by the promise in the
Book of Micah Chapter 7
“He will cast all…into the
depths of the sea”


It is not necessarily easy to have a positive experience of a God
who is kind and loving, when a child received a negative parental
role model.
Sometimes we cannot see beyond the shroud we perceived, but
in time we are given the ability to choose between an absent
God to one who never leaves us!

I fashioned as a child an image of a body covered
with a shroud
No ears to hear no eyes to see no mouth to
The robe he wore was old and torn with rips and
And if you could see his hair it was long and
He shuffled with his feet whispering
He appeared at night in dreams causing
That only a child can dream receiving little
As I grew up this visitor of the past came less
As time filtered through my mind this was
an apparition of something less divine!

A pillar of salt

Number 20, completing an ongoing series
of the Story of Creation,
through the Flood and ending with the
call of Abraham ‘The Friend of God’

Nations were scattered across the earth
that day, continuing in their evil ways

A man called Abraham and his nephew Lot
heard God’s call, and with many herds and
flocks traveled to the desert where pasture
and grazing was not enough
One went to the right and one to the left and

Lot chose the plain with an evil city, pitching
his tents near Sodom and Gomorrah
with its flowing fountains and hanging gardens
Though Lot was selfish choosing the best, God
remembered him, sending angels of warning
to leave this city before fire and brimstone
rained upon all the living
“Surely there’s one righteous man” Lot pled
with his Lord that this city may be spared

But not one was found and the angels grieved
warning Lot and his wife to leave and not look
back, but she loved her home and all she had
and with one more glance looking back, she
became a pillar of salt…

Through Abraham’s faithfulness, and refusal to
partake of this city’s iniquities, of all the land he
could see, God bequeathed to him and to all his

Seeking a Heavenly City

Hebrews 11:10