Christmas In A Mining Town

“The tree is decorated with sagebrush garland
and colorful candies”

Words of a mining town girl

Winter comes and it is
Christmas time in the
mining town
A time for celebration
a holiday parade is a lot
of fun
Those playing carols
march down the street
along with children
singing and playing to
the music’s beat
Because there are no
trees in the town
the miners go up into

nearby mountains and
cut a pinion pine
The tree is decorated
with sagebrush garland
crepe paper bells
and colorful bows
Gathering around the
blazing fire
Jolly ol’ Saint Nick hands
out gifts
No one thinks about the
hardships here when they
have such a happy time
as this
Some towns are lucky
they live close enough
to cut a tree
In one of the towns they
live the tree is called
the ‘never green tree’
where they make one
with boards nailed
together, or some find
the largest tumbleweed
and decorate with pretty
ribbons and candies
Snow begins to fall and
they run inside where
hot chocolate and gifts
are given to all…

Excerpts from the book
‘Mining Town Girl’

Tale Of A Mining Town Girl

“Our Bumps And Ridges Became Bridges Of Life”

Words of a mining town girl

…The earth crumbled beneath our
We felt the gusts of wind and ate
the dust
It took a lot of trust to live in a
land like this
Our mama loved us the best
she could
Everywhere she went we went
Taking us for a ride over hills
bumps and ridges
That would become bridges
over time
This is where we should have
been in spite of misery and
We were being prepared for
the lessons of life
It was a long way from LA for
this girl and boy
The circuits of our travels are
telling a story
One that unravels in time
One hopefully that will help
others on their travels as

My brother became a minister
for God
We were mercifully delivered
and desire to help others who
can relate to our story

Red Shoes

“I really wanted those shoes, but one more
time I was disappointed

Words of a child who through mishap
and misfortune was enabled to turn her
discouragements into lessons of trust

We went to the store to
buy shoes
I chose a red pair shiny
and pretty
Mother said I could not
have them now
she had an errand to do
We left the store and
walked down the street
to double the money so
she could buy food and
She slipped through the
door of a building with
enticing lights
red and blue sparkling
in the night
to play twenty one
She would be there till
the money was gone
I waited on the street
for hours
She came out mad
she had lost all she had
No shoes or food for
the next two weeks
But then it would
happen all over again!

A word of caution the
following poems may
be offensive but they
are true
The Cat
Stepfather number
three came home drunk
He ordered my brother
to get the gun
He shot the cat in front
of us
we were stunned
The sound of the gun
in our ears
There was blood and
now we had none
We would just have
to get another one!

Sexual Assault
A trickle of blood
a cramp
horrified she looked
The menses had struck
her mother never told
her of such…
One winter night the
wind howls at the door
the stove goes out but
for a few coals
The sleeping child awakes

with a start
Running to her mother’s
bed she is not there
a man is instead…
“What are you doing
down there?
Don’t shame me like
I’ll get you back
I’ll tell my mother on you”
I thought I was to blame
I was filled with shame
but then I learned it
wasn’t my fault
It was called sexual

The above poems are excerpts
from the book
“Mining Town Girl”

*Today it is called
Sexual Abuse


Childhood Tales
Number Two

“I have often wondered why these
things happened”
Words of a child who would one day
know the reason why

How much longer riding
to the hospital with sirens
and lights?

Her children crying would
mother be alright?

Inebriated once again
husband number two
hits her head with the
old car door

Metal against metal
she trembles blood
oozing out seizing
like a stricken bird

Her body stiffened
falling to the floor her
brain compromised more

With a shriek she bit her
cheek then her tongue
purple turned white
quick get the spoon

Teeth rattle against
rattle white spit comes
out of her lips dilated eyes
now white slits

The hospital smell made
me sick almost fainting
holding on to the wall

Sterile doctors and nurses
dressed in white working
under glaring lights

Dilantin pill for her ill
usually hostile but when
docile a sign of another
We could always tell!

These stories are shared not
for sympathy but to help the
reader know by the grace of
God there go I.

Childhood Tales


“A quiet night to begin, little did we know
we were in for a fright”

Words of a child subjected to childhood abuse

No money for a motel
sleeping on the floor
A sudden pounding
stepfather two was
beating at the door
Awakening to slamming
of his fists ordering us
to open the door
Then it was quiet we
wondered why
When suddenly he was
back with a marlin spike
hitting the door with
three more strikes
Swaying at the door
threatening to kill us
we sat in a daze
Once again there was
silence he passed out
Mother told us to run
for the car
We ran fleeing for our
Part One Of A Series
Of Childhood Tales

A Story Of Deliverance

“I felt the pain of the dry desert sand, the
earth crumbled beneath my feet, as I searched
for peace”

Words of a child left desolate and forlorn”

A story of a child abandoned and forsaken in mining
towns of Nevada, left to fiend for herself among
abuse and neglect.
The lessons learned in her desert cry were stepping
stones to find deliverance and freedom.

Words from the book “Mining Town Girl”

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