Happy Sabbath . . . on this seventh day of rest

The number 7 is a perfect number!

We have come through a busy week for Noah and his family.

For six days they labored to prepare for the great flood!

He and his sons called animals from mountains and hills

by 7’s and by 2’s . . .While the angels in heaven looked on.

Straw for the weaker animals and grain to be stored for

forty days of rain.

Hay for the stalls and flour and oil for bread. And baskets

of fruit.

Getting closer to the day when they would neither toil

nor work.

And on the 6th day for prayer for safety and care. For in 7 days

God will flood the earth. And on the 7th day they rested as

God had said!

And Grandfather Noah and his family shared this great story of rest

for all generations to come!

A view of Mt Ararat

For 40 days and nights . . .

They sailed the turbulent seas


And the waters prevailed on the earth one hundred and fifty days

Then God remembered Noah . . . and all the animals in the ark and made a wind to pass over the earth, and the rains were constrained . . . and the ark rested on the mountains of Ararat. Then he opened the window of the ark and sent out a raven . . . and also sent out a dove . . .

Genesis Chapter 8,9

And when she returned a second time the dove went into the ark with an olive leaf in her mouth, and Noah knew the waters had receded. Then God said “Go out of the ark, your family and every living creature . . . And He said “I will never destroy the earth with waters again – I do set My rainbow in the cloud and I remember my [promise] to you.

While the earth remains

Seedtime and harvest

Cold and heat

Winter and summer and day and night shall not cease”

Genesis Chapter 8,9

Second Part – The Great Deluge


For 120 years Noah pled with the people, but they listened not!

. . . As the people looked upon this scene with laughter ~ A silly old grey headed man whom they called ~ noticed not he just kept on building his ark!

The gates of peaceful waters unhinged

Torrents and floods broke through

The leviathan once forging the deep

Was tossed about as the humped back

Whale became distraught

A great ship bearing eight people

And animals two of a kind sped

Over trembling waters

And when Noah, his wife, three sons

And their wives lay down to sleep

Their boat shook and shuddered

The planks muttered with labor pains

About to give birth to a new world

Of the old none would remain

Losing track of days and nights

Of darkness only from

Visiting angels wafting their wings

Could they see with heavenly light

Claps of thunder roaring

Holding on with each other

For dear life

But God had said forty days

And nights then you shall emerge

Replenishing the earth

And they remembered His

Promise no sea nor

Pain of this global event

Could prevent this ship

For it bore the progenitor

Of man and beast

Even though the waves increased

And when God looked down with a

Frown on His face

And saw the devastation

He had to take

Never again would he destroy with waters

What he had made

He blew upon the deep as the boat

Slowly floated to Mt Ararat

. . . And it takes a lot of faith to

Believe all that!

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An Ark of Safety


And was told to build an ark ~ For there was going to be a great flood!

‘The Great Deluge’ – First Part

It has been said by faith the world was created and by faith we believe though we cannot see it happened. And by faith Noah believed . . .

As day and night he cried and wept ~ Calling all to come apart from their evil ways ~ But people laughed and sneered calling him a foolish old man ~ But Noah listening not, kept hammering and sawing on his ark!

A great deluge had come upon those who refused the call!

It was a strange sight, animals coming from forests and hills.

Noah invited them to come into an ark God had told him to build.

In the early morning hours while

evil men slept, Noah and his four

sons prepared the boat, for they

would be there forty days and

nights. When the hour had come

angels shut the door of the ship.

While people wept and cried

aloud. But Noah and his family

would be safe when rains began to


The First Mourning


The Beginning Of Earth’s Families

Then Cain went out from the presence of the Lord and dwelt in the Land of Nod and he knew his wife and she conceived and bore ‘Enoch’ –

hus the Thus the family of Cain

And Adam knew his wife again and she bore a son and named him ‘Seth’ –

Thus the family of Adam!

‘The First Mourning’ by Bougeureau 1888


Angels guarded the gates of Paradise

That Adam and Eve could no longer eat of the tree of life ~and it was planted in the midst of the Paradise of God

Revelation 2:7


. . . AND as time went on Cain became jealous of his brother and with anger he killed Abel. And God said to Cain, “Where is your brother?” And Cain replied “I do not know, am I my brother’s keeper?” And Cain was sent out from the presence of God to the land of Nod! And Eve grieved the loss of her two sons!

And Adam knew his wife again, and she bore a son and named him ‘Seth’ and Eve
was comforted…
Kneeling in prayer ~ with tears she wept.
Every day at the break of dawn, in her arms
she held her son.
Repeating the story of forgiveness of sin and the the promise of a Redeemer who would restore Paradise again!

The Vine

The garden’s once tethered breeze now blows with fury

A chain of lightening with distant thunder and rain appears. The vines and flowers they had so lovingly tended, now hung their heads falling to the ground. As they bent down to gather their precious petals, all are now bruised with the serpent’s bite!

“Though the serpent has done this thing” God promised “I will put [hatred] between you and the woman . . . And between your seed and her Seed ~ He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel”

Genesis Chapter 3
Painting ‘The Banishment from Paradise’ By German School 19th Century

One special Vine was saved to follow them

Planted by the hand of God ~ its branches filling the earth with pardon and love. Over distant lands and many seas, through violent winds and adversity, its tender roots would survive, producing fruit that all may live and not die!

And the gates slowly closed . . .

As They Left The Garden

An expression of sadness came over her husband and he understood that this was what they had been warned against and a struggle began in his mind

But he loved Eve immensely and could not bear to lose her ~~ and seizing the fruit he ate!

And that day it seemed strangely quiet, as if the streams had suddenly stopped, the flowers had withered and the birds had flown away. At the time of the evening hour they had always waited for their visitor. Just the night before they had heard the sound of Him walking in the garden. And now a voice was heard “Where are you?” And Adam said “I heard your voice and I and my wife were afraid and ran and hid”

Painting by Benjamin West ‘The Expulsion of Adam and Eve From Paradise’
1791 Public Domain (Picryl)

Their bodies once clothed with light now became garments of leaves clinging to their skin

And Adam and Eve wept as the angels closed the gates of the garden! But they would not be forgotten ~ for a promise would be given . . .

Forbidden Fruit

On that fatal day she sat in the garden amongst the trees!

She could not resist and went closer and found it pleasing!

She is startled at its gaze as she looks in its eyes.
There is a rustling sound and to her surprise a

serpent is resting amongst the branches. He sees

her coming and slithers to her side. And whispering
he said “Come touch the fruit and you shall not die”

Listening to its deceptive call she then falls. Gathering the
fruit, she quickly runs to her mate that he may eat
and join her in her fate!

Among cattle and every beast of the field you are cursed . . .

And the Lord God said to the serpent

“Because you have done this you are cursed and on your belly you shall go and you shall eat dust”

*Genesis Chapter 3