Have you ever felt like the memories of your mind have been placed

In little boxes, trying to escape? Just when you think one is about to

Open, ten more move in to replace it! Making it difficult and

Confusing, trying ever trying to pry them open. Little people

Crammed in niches and corners, and dark recesses, hoping to find a

Room of rest and forgiveness!

“No earthly box could contain me”

It arrived, it was a solemn
Occasion, people were
Hesitant, I did not know why.
I tried to look in, but I was
Too small and it was too tall.
A narrow box, I was curious,
What was in it?

I tried to lift the lid, but my
Fingers could not reach.
With each attempt I became
More intent to see what this
Box meant.

As time went by I became
Older, going back to see if
Perhaps I could open it now

I visited the box when life was
Violent and I was seeking

Visiting a garden of rest, as
They lowered a box in the earth,
There were similarities to the
One I had seen as a child.
Then I knew it was for those who
Had ceased.

That could be me!

And then one day I fell asleep,
And was planted in the box
Reserved for me.

Waiting to be broken and come
To new life.
But no earthly box could contain
My soul, for when it is time for
Me to rise, ‘

He will cry!

Pulling me through this earth’s
Crust, I am thrust out of the
Box to receive the heavenly
Prize, one the coffers of this
Earth cannot provide!

“Those who believe in Me, even
Though they die, yet shall they
live” John 11:25

A Little Girl’s Wish

“A Child’s Deepest Desire Is To Be Loved”

‘Reflections of a forgiving child’

One who desires to share her story
with others!

I think some of us are tempted to question

The timely events in our lives, why things

Come about, and not sooner than when we

Thought they should.

As a child I had been brought up to just

Accept things as they were, hoping they

Would get better. But they never seemed

To be resolved.

My mother was a flighty person, moving

In and out of the chaos

And confusion she had woven in her life,

And mine.

She had been damaged and suffered

Much emotional mental illness.

Then I remember clearly the time when

I was interrupted from a childhood of

Acceptance to one of adolescence, when

I could no longer tolerate her behavior.

And anger and resentment began

To fill my heart. I spent much time

Wondering why I had been given a mother

Like this.

When I began recovery, I remember the

First night, when it was revealed why I had

Turned away, and realized the trauma she had

Received from abuse in her life as well. It had just

Been carried through to mine also. There was

A reason for her neglect, and thus started

Years of working through the issues I had


I wondered why these things were not revealed

Much earlier, and I had been given a chance

To reconcile with my mother before she had died.

‘Remembrance Of A Mother

“Her mother had been abused
and forgotten”

Who is this mother we have laid to rest?

Poor helpless soul who wandered this

Earth, not knowing or caring where she

Was led.

She took her child along for the journey,

Who at times did not know where she

Would lay her head.

With emotions held in and warned not

To cry, always hoping she would be loved

If things got better.

Now death has taken her mother, and she

Has gone to sleep. No longer tormented

With emotions so deep, guilt and sorrow

No longer her’s to keep, removed forever,

To Rest In Peace.

But remember child, she did not have the

Tools to help you to survive. She could not

Fulfill the role, you became the mother and

She the child.

Oh, where do I look for a nurturing

Mother? Could it be, that God is as much

A mother as He is a Father to me?

And then a clearer picture I saw, as I

Wrestled with the why’s and how’s

Of the mysteries beset on the journey

Of life. Perhaps if I had been given a

Mother that I had always hoped for, I

Would not have reached out for

Something better!


Our Lord at the cross, remembered His

Mother. And I know He remembers all

Mothers here on earth, He understands

Why some are neglectful and unable to

Fulfill their roles, and gives their children

The choice and desire to understand and

Forgive them!

“When Jesus saw His mother…
He remembered her”

John 19:26:27

Please let me fly my kite…

It is interesting how a child develops an understanding of God.
Parents are the leading roles in their life, having an impact
on their little minds. They are resilient, even though the image
of a father or mother is not always portrayed as loving and
kind. A little child’s faith is instilled, no matter what the

Father of lights do you live
In the sky?

Not with your children
In darkness below?

Do you look out your
Window from your
Home on high

At the sun in the
Morning light?

Are you the man in
The moon, shining
Moonbeams on the
Stars at night?

To see how far they
Will fly?

You are so far I
Can’t jump that high!

Or maybe ride on a
Kite but it won’t fly
That high!

If I could, I would see
Where you live

If I get there God
Would you let me in
With my darkness
And sin?

It seems such a long
Way between You and I

Some say You are light
Would You be too bright
To look upon?

I don’t understand what
It really means
But it says You are
Loving and kind!

So I will bid You
Goodnight and thank
You for light, however
It comes!

“Every good and perfect gift is
from above, coming down from
the Father of the heavenly

James 1:17

An Evening Star

“It is a happy star with a smile on its face”

Quote from the author’s book ‘God’s Story Book’

A time between dusk and
twilight, as shadows fill the
the sun grows weary and
bows its head, fading
in the west and then dies

An evening star dressed in its gown
of sparkling silver and gold
is a happy star with a smile on its face
it has five tips, a head, two arms
and two legs
now the big dipper is late spilling
the stars, filling the nighttime sky

The evening star feels important
holding up the sky alone
one night it gets tired of hanging
one arm begins to fall, then the
other lets go

It calls to the rest, “hurry quickly
I can’t hold up this sky any longer
it is too much, I have done my best
the big dipper then hurries
lifting its ladle, sprinkling star dust
in the stars eyes
Awakening, spreading their light

The evening star is now content
knowing it is no longer alone
evening gives way to a soft light of
day, when the stars are done

I wonder sometimes, do we get
tired of holding up this world
Forgetting there is a God to do
our bidding?

He holds all things in the palm
of His hand!

And the child grew up

With a car of her own

She has become a big girl now

With a little girl’s heart

Running and speeding, searching

For light

Sometimes with fear

When the darkness descends

Learning to accept it

When she doesn’t understand

That God was always there

She just couldn’t see

When the light was dim

In looking for Him

She needs to step back

And embrace this darkness

Not asking why

Learning to wait until it

Reveals what it has in mind

She is far too serious

Becoming oblivious to her


She will learn to dance

And sing

And to remember, the

Music composed, will lead

Her through life!

Poem adapted from my book
‘And The Child Grew Up’

Little Toy House

Home is where our story begins

Some are happy some are sad, always
hoping for one that makes us glad!

In our many travels we moved around often,
never staying anywhere very long

A child of a mother who traveled all around, but
one that loved us the best she could, everywhere she
went we went too, taking us for a ride over hills,
bumps and ridges, telling a story, one that
would unravel in time

Little toy people playing
In their home
Pretending they are happy
But feeling all alone
Toy mother and father
Playing their rolls, they
They can see out but no
One can see in
Little toy furniture
A bed and a couch, but
No one could rest, too
Much noise and confusion
There is no table or
For there is no food
The little tea set is
Shattered along with the
We get in the little toy
Car and move right along
From place to place
But we won’t stay long
Stopping here and there
Just in case
I have hung on to my
They are all I know
Too scared to let them go
Searching for a home
For one that evades this
Who plays the role in the
Little Toy house

“But one day it will be provided”

For it has been promised

“In my father’s house there are many mansions
There are many rooms…

John 14:1-2

Sandbox Of Time

“Life… is like a sandbox, in it we build forts and

And spend glorious times together, it is the world
Outside that box that gives me trouble

Rabih Alameddine

April is Child Abuse Awareness

Many children are challenged with neglect and abuse,
whether it is a single parent left to raise a child
alone, overwhelmed with duties, often leaving
children to fend for themselves. Maybe some are left
with no parents at all, a father suddenly leaves, the child
wondering why…

We had such a good time
Playing and laughing
Building sand castles
With kings and queens
Soldiers and trumpets
And every imaginable thing
One day running out to
Play, no one was there
Where had he gone?
Something must have
Happened, she doesn’t know
She was sure it was her
Now she has no playmate
As the days go slowly by
Suddenly her bucket is
Too heavy and the shovel
Full of holes
Sand sifts through her
Fingers, looking for her
Father who left long ago

The Little Violet

“Violet! Sweet Violet! Your eyes are full of tears,
Are they wet, even yet, with the thought of other

James Russell Lowell

I really like flowers, I raise African violets, and find sometimes they
Can be challenging, and quite sassy.
They don’t like too much water, when they get soggy they are not
Very happy, too much sun, they get grumpy, but with a little love and
Care they can be content, and bring much cheer!

Snuggled in their beds
Watered and fed
Happy where they are
Dresses of pink, purple
And lavender with bright
Yellow eyes
This home is all they have
Sprouting from a seed, then
Leaves, buds and flowers

What a great life they have
Amongst all the others
One morning, perking their
Heads from a good nights
A shadow is descending
A large hand reaches over
And bending low, these
Pretty violets are lifted from
Their beds
Disturbed, wondering where
They are going
They are placed in a box
A little violet begins to

“My pot is the smallest
Surely you can squeeze me in
Please don’t leave me behind”
Quickly placing it in the box
With the others, then truck
Engines are rolling, they are
Scared as they travel down
The road, not sure where
They are going
The way seems long and they
Are tired
Suddenly the truck comes to
A stop

When the man lifts the box
Placing them on a shelf
Their eyes are startled, from
Darkness, into bright light
Their leaves are drooping, their
Flowers are dropping
They are not very pretty
As people are passing
The littlest one cries

“Our toes are cold and soggy
And we have caught a chill
Please, won’t you give us a
Chance and take us home
Before we die?”
“A time to heal is what we need
After our difficult ride”
A sprinkle of water, their heads
Begin to perk
And people start to look
“These violets are prettier than
I think I will buy them”
Shadows are passing, they
Are placed in a window

If not for their time of disaster
They would not be brighter
Filling this home with

The Spider’s Hotel

“You have been my friend, replied Charlotte, that in itself
is a tremendous thing”

Quote from Charlotte

Charlotte’s Web
Spiders can be creepy and scary, and sometimes frightening,
But they can be whimsical and funny and fun to watch.
One day when I was walking, I came upon some juniper
Bushes with some spider webs spun amongst the juniper berries.
I thought about how diligent and earnest these little
creatures are, and wrote a little poem.
Every year they pack their bags with their
Spinning wheels
To spend the summer in bungalows
Built on a juniper bush, where green fern
And monkey flowers grow, and the
wind doesn’t blow
Gardens hang from balconies high in the air
As they sit in their chairs
Spinning away as their babies play
They are proud of their bungalows and feel
Like the elite. Their suites are the best
The other spiders are late and stay as guests
On the bottom floor, swinging on a web to
Visit friends next door
In the evening they gather together to share their
Tales and play their fiddles on bended knees
Eating juniper berry pie and watch the dance of
The fireflies
The little spiders sang and played as the yellow
Moon rose, and with a yawn their eyelids close
The season flew by as they busily spun, a spider‘s
Work is never done
The rainy season comes and they pack their
Bags, saying goodbye
But they will be back next year to stay at the
Juniper Hotel!

This is one of my poems from the book ‘God’s Story Book’
just recently released. Click on my website below to visit
my site containing many other stories!

Sepulcher Of Rest

The day He died, He bowed His head and cried
“It Is Finished”

“When Joseph had taken His body, he wrapped it in a clean
linen cloth and laid it in his new tomb, which he had
hewn out of the rock”

Matthew 27:59

The sun forgot to shine that


With a frown it slowly faded


Darkness filled the sky

Upon this event no one

Could look

Mockers spit upon His body

The heathen raged

The Pharisees gloated

They had had their way

The sky split in two the

Rocks broke asunder

His body thrust with a


Water and blood from

A broken heart appeared

Oh Caiaphas, why did you

Plot to kill this Man?

Pilate’s wife had said “Have

Nothing to do with Him”

Of His guilt you washed your


The day He died He bowed

His Head and cried

“It is finished!”

Joseph laid Him in a tomb

Especially hewn for Him

His beloved friends

Laid His hands upon His


His Holy Death and

Resurrection we honor

But of the day in between

These two blessed events

Some believe He went to heaven

But then why would He need

A Resurrection?

Oh you wily ones, did you think

Your seal upon the stone would

Keep the Savior hidden?

So on the day between death and

Life, our Lord rested, to rise


For us the victory over death has

Been won!

Let not this day be forgotten!