The mustard seed of faith . . .

The smallest of all seeds, is reaching
maturity, raising its head, towering above all the plants of the garden!

Where the birds of the heavens can rest under its shadows’

We are encouraged to have

the faith of the mustard

seed and nothing will be


We will be given help to

endure all things that come

upon us!

Inspired by the ‘Parable of the Mustard Seed’

The faith of the mustard seed


A Summer Flower Reflection!

Fragrances of flowers can bring back memories of long ago, sweet scents
of perfumes

perhaps turning a sad memory into a happy one!

Sitting on the blue quilted chair in my nightie
I watched intently as she dressed for the party
my elbows resting on the table.
As she slowly drew her dark stockings then
pulled a slip over her head, gracefully stepping
into a black dress clinging to her thin little body.
Her dark hair combed with care, pulled back
with a shiny barrette and with a finishing touch
a necklace of pearls and matching earrings.
She stood before the mirror, a light from the
window falling upon her – and she was beautiful!
Like a lustrous pearl in emerald green grass – and I
loved her so much, even though she was out of
touch with her little girl. Reaching for a small
lavender bottle of perfume, she applied the sweet
scent behind each ear and then smiling at me
dabbing a drop on each of my cheeks with a
teasing grin. It melted into my memory, my
skin was perfused with the scent of my
mother, as she bent low and kissed me goodbye!

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Weeping sunflowers . . .

Do sunflowers ever cry?

Where once your smiling faces chased the sun


It’s been 6 months since the devastating Ukrainian War began! Starting in February of this year, when in a few short months their sunflowers would begin to sprout and grow, but for [now] are never more!

Where are your fields now, Oh weary ones of war?
Where once your faces chased the sun!
Your apron’s nourishing seeds
feeding your nation and world!
Now artillery and smoke have hidden your smiles
your golden vials of oil are broken
But down below your hardened soil your precious
seed is hidden, your tears will sprinkle your
meadows, bringing your smiling faces once again!

summer vacation. . .

A Vacation Reflection!

Can anyone relate to
going on a
vacation with a head
full of worries and
concerns until it


I’m going on vacation, but I’m leaving behind
that part of [me]that fusses and fumes
insisting on taking excess baggage that weighs
me down! My baggage will be easy and light.
Just what I need from the chatter that doesn’t
really matter!
Just even for an hour would do,
to introduce a new thought or two!

Good blessings on this Friday evening. . .

On this first Friday of August 2022!

Through our busy week with hectic schedules and earthly demands,
we have not been forgotten…on this Sabbath ‘eve we have been given
a restful day of CELEBRATION!

All things in the past


Resting places have arisen
the magic number seven
opens the door of heaven
This is new to be here
I knew not I would rest here
things seem so clear here
The roses I behold
before I had not presence
of mind to see the beauty
they hold
Prone to share this heavenly
I seek one as I, to ever press
on together!

A summer reminiscing . . .

August 2nd in a Summer’s Series!

Sometimes I wish I

could be a little

girl again, with red

painted nails and

toes, a pretty pink

dress with ruffles and bows

a summer afternoon, barefoot in

the park, playing as only

children do!

Laughing as we pick bouquets, chasing all our problems away!

Reminiscing of those years

As if life was like a kaleidoscope, chasing colors with twists and turns and
changing scenes, that vanish when the turning stops!

With one more turn would I have learned, the kaleidoscope may have given hope?

weeping angels. . .

Good evening! As the Sabbath hours
are approaching – And have arrived in
distant lands!

Have you ever wondered if angels get tired and weary?
Do they cry when they see our pain and feel our loss,
when we ignore their care and forget to trust?

Weeping with tears of things done here, but with unfolded wings ever returning, doing His bidding!

the old bent fence . . .

The tools we have used to survive – managing our lives –
sometimes fail, leaving us with little strength to face our battles within and without! Our fences confine us, our walls divide us hindering us from sharing hope with others!

A gale came up – the wind blew
The old weakened fence was almost
rent in two
Now it is bent and ready to fall
taking only a small gust causing
part of the fence to collapse
the remaining taking up the slack

Sitting on a bench surveying the damage
I thought about others – some of us are strong and some of us are tall
and some of us have no hope at all!

Like the fence – the load is too heavy
Life’s storms weaken – and we fall, but when
we take our eyes off of our storms and gales
we become a help to others!