On the fifth day of creation week

God spoke to the heavens and seas,
for they were very quiet and there was no
but for the lapping of waves and the running
Then from the farthest ends of the world, water and air
became alive,
with every winged bird and creature of the sea,
and God blessed them that they must multiply.
* * * * *
So the evening and the morning were the fifth day.

Just one more day left, to complete His creation week, and He is

“Let the waters be filled with countless creatures
and let birds fly above the earth and across the face
of the heavens” Genesis 1:20

And it was good

Day #3 of Creation Week

Light and air were spoken into existence
but God was not done
land and water must be divided, waters
running to the seas, rivers and ponds
But the land was barren and dry
and hopeless to the eye
Then with a pocket full of seed, a shovel and a
hoe, God circled the earth, filling every valley,
field and hole, watering with tears of joy
And a sudden laughter sprang from His voice
and all the angels sang

Surely His children will be delighted with this
And so the third day was finished, and as He stood
upon the land, His words rang loud and clear
declaring “It was good!”

Evening came and then morning

The first of a series on the Creation Week, day #1 and 2

In the splendor of a new earth, darkness is no longer darkness
as the Light shines through…
* * * * *

The Father of lights shone through the darkness,
dividing the light, calling the light Day and the darkness
He called Night, and this was the first day, and He was
pleased, but He was not finished.

For chamber doors must separate waters of the
deep, creating air that His children may breathe.
And He called the air in between, heaven.
And God was pleased!

Evening and morning came, and this was the
second day of creation week!

Good evening on this first Friday of 2022

This Advent season, having celebrated the mystical birth of the newborn Child,
has given us hope for our Lord’s second coming. Prophecies from the beginning of
time are taking place, with signs and wonders in the stars and skies and pain and
sorrow in this world. But peace and joy will be restored on earth, beyond what we
can imagine!

“What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor
the heart of man imagined, what God has
prepared for those who love Him.”
1 Corinthians 2:9

A new year’s letter

With the holidays nearing their end, sometimes
there is a time of letting down, with an emptiness
within, that could be called the aftermath of Christmas blues.
* * * * *
And with a new year just around the corner
it is a time for reflection.
The third day of the first month of the new
year is the anniversary of the birth of a significant
loss in my life.
* * * * *

All is quiet after the company has come and gone, and I’m not
sure what to do on this eve of a new year.
Maybe watch a movie or just go to bed early, waiting for
the night to pass?
Or I could write a letter –
You know there is a lot on my mind, a time for memories
of things I would rather have forgotten. My reasonings
are not safe, my thoughts are not good and I’m tempted
to fall into grief and repinings.
I had three but one is missing, my heart is thankful for the
two remaining.
But Lord, did you not have ninety and nine, but for the one
lost sheep You searched, until you found him?
You never gave up until You brought him home!
Excuse my questioning, but like Job of old who had many
more losses, questioned Your goodness
but never with cursing.
And then there is mine, You know for him I gave my all
but he couldn’t stay and fled away and now he is gone.
This lays heavy upon my heart,
why some are taken and some are left.
Its been a long road of grief and pain, as I have struggled
with doubt and tried not to complain. I do feel better now that I have
shared these words, and with the new year fast
My prayer is for acceptance, that You know best!”

Good Wednesday, on this 5th day of ‘Twelve Days of Christmastide’

Five days past the blessed birth
Magi follow our Savior’s star
The Holy Ghost, having planted
a Child in a virgin girl
In a humble inn, oxen and ass
look upon this amazing sight
A baby’s soft skin in a cradle of hay
wrapped in swaddling clothes
prepared for Him
A young lamb by its mother’s side
bleats its sound with angel’s cries
A mother holding her child to
breast, a father kneeling beside His crib
In fields shepherds abide, keeping
watch over their flock by night
Prophecy of old, that night fulfilled
Hope, light and joy have come into the world!

Three Wise Men

The ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ begins on December 25th and ends on
January 5, 2022. It is sometimes called the Christmastide, celebrating the Nativity
of Jesus, which extended from His birth, to the coming of the Magi
traveling to worship Him.
“Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem…Behold there came Wise Men from the east”
“Where is He that is born King of the Jews? For we have seen His star in the
east and are come to worship Him”

Book of Matthew Chapter 2

Weeping angels

Have you ever wondered if angels get tired and weary?
Do they cry when they see our pain and feel our loss,
when we ignore their care and forget to trust?
* * * * *

Hastening on at the midnight hour
angels feet touch the earth, rejoicing over a Baby’s birth
searching for those who will join in song
But there are none, as mortals sleep
there is no one to share their song
and the angels weep, pleading with all in eternal tongues!