Well Seasoned

The Seasons Of Life Come In Several Different Flavors

Some sweet, some bitter, some bland, but they all

Come together with –

A pinch of this and

A pinch of that

For what is an egg without


A pie with no sugar

A stew without pepper

Dough without yeast

Forever kneading?

The Embryo Of The Egg Has Much Potential

For reproduction, to carry on life until it is cooked

Boiled, scrambled or fried

Then it has died

Thoughts Are Like Churning Butter

Slippery and insoluble, incapable of being solved or

Explained, just as confusing as deciphering the

Difference between soluble and trans fats

As butter clogs the arteries, the thoughts clog the brain

To try to understand them is in vain

When one thought starts churning, a state of unrest


Agitating with increased speed, the center about

Which it revolves

Collecting oily globules that resist any understanding

And indigestible by the natural mind in its rightful


Until it forms a mind of its own, creating two minds

At war with each other

Why all this confusion that continues on and on?

When the thought is brought to mind, there is no

One to blame

This is a process of its own, of which I am powerless

To explain!

But In All Things Sweetness Overrules!

The Traveling Mattress

“An Old Bedstead, Splintered And Worn”

It finally came to its end, the heavy weight

It could no longer bare.

Yesterday I finally made the

Decision to remove my mattress,

I won’t say how long

I have had it. It was one of those air beds

That have remote controls to inflate it.

I have moved several different

Places in the last few years

Taking it along.

When the right side started

Sinking and would not respond

To the inflater, I moved to the

Other side, hoping to extend its

Life quite a bit longer.

And then on the other side it began

To sink and I finally had

To say goodbye to a friend that had

Been with me through my highs and


In all our travels this mattress was faithful,

To the many places we have been.

In thinking about its

Presence, my protector,

I realized how it had held me

Through my many losses well

But with all the abuse, it was

Just too heavy to carry on.

It had listened to my dreams, holding

My pillow below my head, listeneing

To my fears, my anger and rage,

My prayers and regrets.

With its comforter warming

My body ravished

With harm,

Protecting me from the enemy,

Repelling it’s attacks

It bore a lot of fears and held my tears,

Holding my memories tight.

Is it hard to say goodbye to

Something like that, waiting

In the garage to go to trash?

Should I perform the last rites?

Who would attend, the only friend it

Had was me, until

It gave up its life.

Each of us have been given a

Different bed to sleep in,

Some good and some bad.


Living around mining towns,

I often have walked where

People have left their artifacts.

One I came across, was an

Old bedspring that had held a mattress.

It was rusted, and weeds had

Grown between the coils.

I was unable to pry a few loose to take

Home as a trophy for

All the hard work it had entailed.

I wondered about those springs and

Who they had held.

Had a newly wed pair conceived a child.

Or perhaps several more? How many

Bodies of the past, with dreams and

Confusions, tossing and turning in delusion.

Or perhaps held someone with an illness

With their last breath?

How long was the corpse to remain,

Before the undertaker came?

Did it set by the hearth holding an old

Woman, reminiscing, knitting and

Anticipating, of the last

Few years remaining?

Could it have held an old wooden

Bed frame splintered and warn?

I wish I could have taken them

Home and polished them up,

But some things cannot be

Retouched, they must stay as they are.

Hopefully another will come by and

Wonder as I, I must just let it lie.

I’ll say my goodbyes to

My friend of the past, and hope

My new mattress will be as good

As the last!

A Time To Be Born

“To Everything There Is A Season”

Having recently celebrated a birthday, I found myself wondering

When and how they began. Their celebrations did not always exist.

Before the advent of the calendar they were unable to record the

Time of birth or the day.

The earliest mention of a birthday, according to Biblical scholars, was

Around 3,000 BC, in reference to a Pharaoh’s birthday. But further

Study implies, that this was not in reflection of their birth into this

World, but their birth as a god.

It all started with the Egyptians, then the Greeks embraced the day,

But only for men!

It is believed the first birthday cake began in Germany, a coarse

Bread of the Middle Ages, later becoming a sweeter version. Only

The well to do were able to celebrate, as the poor could not afford


In the 17th century the cake became more elaborate with icings

And decorations.

In the 18th century cakes became more affordable, and many

Were then able to participate in the celebration.

The history of the candles on the cake began in Ancient Greece.

The glow of the moon they worshipped, with the smoke of the

Candles ascending with prayers to their gods in the skies.

Now, the candle is placed upon the cake to represent the

Light and life of each year given to us.

In Christianity the emphasis is on a spiritual rebirth from the

Earthly womb, becoming a child of God.

“To everything there is a season

A time to be born and a time to die”*

We all are born of an earthen


In chaos and confusion

Cast into earth’s waters of

An angry sea

Oh half womb, wombed in its time

Conceived in a silver

Luminous moon

In a pierced cavity

A baby spilling out

I Am A Woman Now!

Dressed in fine filament

With an

Incandescent sheen

Buoyed by the

Waves, seeking eternity

In ceaseless motion

My hair swept back

By the rush of winds

Two wet eyes crying

Oceans of tears

In a bed of water

Diving for pearls of

Wisdom, finding

Only bubbles of air

My only resort is prayer

Reaching the shores of

Placid waters

An extended Hand with

Mine, grasps each other

To be born twice is

Heaven’s plan!

Scripture of reflection

Isaiah 43:2

“When you pass through deep

waters, I am with you”

*Book Of Ecclesiastes

It was August 3rd, 2010…

At three o’clock in the morning, I was awakened by a sound

In the window. I got up and prayed for my

Niece, Kim, who was seriously ill. That morning

I text my brother, Kim’s father, and told him what

Had happened. He shared with me that he also

Was awakened at three o ‘clock by the sound of a

Window opening, and knelt to pray…

Kim was healed! Thus started the

Beginning of a series of events, that truly prove

The efficacy of God’s word.

I had recorded this event in my journal which

Has a scripture prayer for each day. On this

Particular day it was –

“Be still before the Lord

And wait patiently for Him

Psalm 37:7

The second event in claiming this verse was

In the year 2002 –

My husband came into the kitchen with a

Small calendar that had a scripture for

Each day. He was not a Christian but for

Some reason he was impressed to read

This same verse, Psalm 37:7, to me.Two days

Later he was dead. I know he was

Prompted by God’s Spirit and he was


The next event was in 2019-

Kim was diagnosed with breast cancer, a

Serious malignancy which required intense

Chemotherapy. The day after, I was going through

Some journals in a book shelf, and I casually

Pulled one out and to my surprise the

Journal fell open to the page with the

Same verse I had recorded for Kim 10 years ago.

Miraculously after a year of intense

Chemotherapy she was diagnosed cancer


Now, in August of last year, Kim’s mother

Began to feel ill, after suffering the loss of

Her Son-law, Curt, Kim’s husband in June.

A terrible loss for Kim and all the family.

So needless to say I began claiming this

Verse that had such redeeming qualities in all

The previous sufferings we have experienced.

After many challenging batteries of tests

Cathy, Kim’s mother was diagnosed with

Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and with the

Doctor’s certainty, the tests would validate

That the cancer had spread.

Yesterday Cathy returned to the doctor’s

Visit, and the doctor could not believe what

She saw, and In amazement she shared the

Good news, not one hot spot appeared.

Not an aggressive form, she will only need

Antibody infusions, to reduce an enlarged

Spleen, and no CHEMO!

As the Sabbath hours are descending on this

Hectic week of anticipation, this family will

Enter into His rest!


“A Holy Day Of Prayer And Fasting”

February 17, begins the first day of Lent, six weeks before Easter.

Many Christians celebrate Ash Wednesday, a holy day

Of prayer and fasting, deriving its name from the

Placing of ashes made from the burning of palm branches from

Previous year’s holy celebration. Ashes are placed by priests

On the forehead of participants, signifying their

contrition for sin in their lives. Some commit to

Selecting an item of abstinence during this season.

Many times I find myself making resolutions, attempting

To cleanse myself of defective habits, to bring about

Personal growth.

“Ashes Made From Palm Branches”

One I have struggled with, is a dietary abstinence. I have a high

Intolerance of sugar, which effects me both physically and

Emotionally, so much so that under normal circumstances

I am able to refrain, but then eventually, forgetting the

Consequences, I succumb, and after that first bite (which

Is never enough) I am consumed with the desire for more, just as

the alcoholic cannot stop at one drink.

(My Father having been one)

Reflecting on this, I wonder if there could be two different

Approaches, in bringing about deliverance from the short

Comings that are causing such havoc in our lives.

1. Making a choice, one in my own power, to bring about

The deliverance I so much desire, often failing, falling into

Doubt and frustration, with little hope.

2. The second choice, as opposed to the first, one that

Depends on God’s power to help me abstain, creating a

Deeper cleansing and meaning in my life?


And though at times

I do not dare to hope

That I might find hope


To question heaven

When wings of hope have taken flight

And higher still

Only in my dreams at night

Of flowing streams and

Budding flowers

An imaginary place I must


Until the wings of hope

Escaped return again

A place where I can hope

Once more

Where I can rest my head

And all peace prevails


No matter how much we offer in penance and confession,

Of giving of ourselves,

Our meager attempts are never enough.

Only Christ’s sacrifice of prayer and fasting while here on

Earth, the giving of His life that we may be saved, will there be


Scripture Reflection

Book of Hebrews 11:1

“And what is faith? Faith

Gives assurance to our ‘hopes’

And makes us certain of things

We do not see… that will come to pass”

New English Bible

Sweet Charity

“February is a special month with many myths and

Today, February 2nd, has its roots in the ancient Christian tradition
of Candlemas, when clergy would bless and distribute candles needed
for winter. The candles represented how long and cold the winter
would be. Germans expanded on the concept, by selecting an animal
as a means of predicting weather. Thus its called Groundhog Day.

Valentine’s Day, another interesting fable, as the story goes,
began with a priest, who’s name was St Valentine. It is
told that he was put in prison for conducting
marriages for soldiers, which was forbidden.
He fell in love with the jailor’s daughter and
the night before his execution he sent her a
card of love, and signed his name,
“From your Valentine”

Whatever story is true, this day has been recognized as a
special day, celebrating with red and pink roses, candies,
chocolates and confectionary sweets.

Victorian Period Embellished Cards

The first commercial valentines in America were
printed in the mid-1800s…Because it was thought that
the avian mating season begins in mid-February, birds
along with hearts became a symbol of the day.

However love is expressed, in these heart
felt traditions, there is a Love that
seeks His own, One that first loved us…
I spoke to grace
she spoke not back
I spoke to trust
she turned her face
I spoke to hope
These too did fail
I spoke to love
It spoke back
Of all these three
Sweet Charity never fails

Dreams can often be

significant. They may be trying to tell us things we
are not aware of, or maybe memories hidden
that are searching for healing.

When I was a young girl I would often have
dreams of clocks, which can indicate the importance
of time, they can also symbolize the ticking of the
human heart, the amount of time left to live.


The clock on the mantel struck
half past ten, the hour to retire
for most women and men.
I listened to the clock, heard a
knock on the door, I looked, no
one was there.
Half past two, still awake with
nothing to do.
Half past four I fell asleep,
forgetting the mother I had expected,
to come through the door.
A gust of wind blew through the window,
death came in with a shroud on its face.
He came to take me, not yet was my plea,
I have more to do, much to undo.
Death agreed to let me stay, He gathered
his cloak and went on his way.
Suddenly I awoke, knowing this was just
a dream!

This may seem foreboding and difficult to
understand, but many a night I waited for
her to come home, as I watched the clock,
feeling as death was upon me.

The reality of this dream was positive,
in that though death was upon me,
and he came to take me.

I refused to go, knowing I needed time to
finish what God had planned for me
to accomplish.

There was a man centuries ago that
experienced similar night time

Job expressed in his words
“In disquieting thoughts from the
vision of the night, when deep sleep
falls on men”
Job 4:1

Angels and Demons

In the Book of Revelation, an Apocalypse is written by John the Revelator,


Which was given to him in visions, revealing the divine mysteries of God,

Unveiling those things that were previously hidden, of things which must

Shortly come to pass.

Angels directed his pen, portraying the future by means of strange and even

Fanciful symbolisms.

The Words are written “Blessed are those who read and hear the words of these

Prophecies, for the time is near.”

Horses are symbols of strength and power, bringing significance and interpretation

To the magnitude of the things to come upon the earth.

I have tried to capture in descriptive words the role they play in bringing glory

To the testimony of Jesus Christ!

Three angels circle the earth

With wings of flight and trumpets


Four angels hold back angry

Winds from blowing

Wake up you once triumphant

People, arouse from your


The hour of midnight is fast


On the opposite shore of another


Four horsemen are saddled

Spurring their horses

Increasing their gait with a heavy


A silver sheen from a crescent

Moon, glistens the coat of sweat

With nostrils flaring and gleaming

Eyes, their breath steaming

A hurry of hooves spills their

Potions over a darkened land

Signs have been fulfilled, ancient

Pages swiftly turning

Joel the Prophet proclaiming**

A great trembling of earth!

The sun refusing to shine!

A sky of stars falling!

Standing on the edge of time

Six seals have been opened

Waiting for the seventh to be


So through the night ride

Horses of fury

And angels of flight continue


A voice in the darkness, a knock

At the door, words shall echo

“Though demons inflict war

Upon God’s children”

One day His people will awaken

And listen for the midnight cry

“The Bridegroom comes to take

Home His Bride.”

**Book Of Joel Chapter 2:30-31

Ponderings and Promises

“For the promise is true…I will save your children”
As I began writing later in life, it seemed that many
tools I used to survive were revealed, and
some of the captivity of my mind slowly began to

But there was one that I found very difficult,
I was determined that my children would
not experience a childhood of disaster and
despair, and I firmly believed I was in
control of this.
One of the tools, letting go, was difficult.
I had to accept that they had
the choice of navigating through life’s
sorrows and struggles in their own way…
But I still claim the promise –
“Long after mothers are gone, their prayers
for their children still ascend before the throne of

“A Mother’s Prayer For Her Child Is Always Heard

This seventy years of
And counting,
Declared upon your
An Iliad of wars in
A milestone of
My journey has been
Long and laborious
This curse hard to bear
Many a day and night
I have been in despair
To your people was not the
Promise given to all those
Who listened?
Crying unto You, your
Face was not hidden
For You do not lie
Your grace is forgiving
‘Turn to me with all your
Heart and I will bless my
The burden of the switch
Will surely be lifted the
Sins upon the fathers
No longer visited
Have the dregs of the
Bottle been wasted
From copious amounts
Sparkling, swirling upon
The lips, stained with the
Flame of scarlet ribbons?
How smoothly and
Tantalizing it goes down
But a mockery to those
In its sorrows drowning
And I, am I any better?
From the bottle I have
But am I not much more
To blame?
Oh that I could taste of
The drunken vine

Sweet grapes of vintage


Fleeing from this world

Is what I sought
But this is not my chosen
Now seeking solace in
Thoughts and dreams
Charmed with the
Opiates of utopia
Wasting into dystopia
My heart in numbness

That my children might be
Bought with pinings
And bargainings
What sacrifice can I
Offer upon Your altar?
As Job of old after a night
Of feasting, morning
And evening, raising
His voice in prayer
His children would be
To Your promise I cling
With wailing, do not let
Their foot stray
Bring them back from
Their wayward ways
Oh you Wiley One
You shall not win
The victory over them
Has been won
For the promise is true
“I will contend with him
Who contends with them
And I will save your children.”*
*’Book of Isaiah ‘
Chapter 49:25 in God’s word

The Great Week Of Time

“Eden Lost To Eden Restored”

Heaven’s time is not in our time
It is not limited to our space
But extends beyond the
Imaginings of the human mind
To God a day is as a thousand
Years in an eternity of bliss

“Trees And Flowers Nestled Among Mountains And Hills”

Once a pure and fruitful land
With flowing rivers and springs
Of life
Trees and flowers nestled among
Mountains and hills
A delightful scene to meet the eye
A young man and woman
Fresh from the hand of God
Flowing from the river of life
Wonder who made such
A lovely place for them to abide

At the setting of the sun
In the coolness of the even

A Heavenly Man comes to
Visit His children
“Please tell us how all this

came to be?” Who created
The land and the sea?”

“In the very beginning only

Darkness appeared, and
Water covered the earth, it
Was I who shut in the sea
With doors, when it burst
Forth, and I said “This far you
May come but no farther, your
Proud waves must stop”

Then out of nothing I made light
It was I who commanded the
Morning and caused the dawn to
Know it’s place

It took just six days to create this

And on the Seventh Day I rested

From all my works
All was tranquil, calm and full
Of peace
And though I rejoice of all the
Things I have done

My heart is sad
I must create a people to
Complete this week

And so you come from dust and clay


Until one day you will disobey

Leaving your beloved home
In that moment of time I will speak
My sacred word, for my
Words are always true

A promise I will give

“Though the gates of Eden will be

Six thousand years will be allotted

To this earth
For as my word says “A day of
Creation equals a thousand years”*

You will go forth and till

The land, abundantly it will yield
It’s fruit

But it will lose its strength
plant and
Seed will fade, unable to feed
Those who hunger and thirst
Water will be scarce
Land unable to drink
The taste of sweetness will
Turn sour

The pollution of man will
Destroy the earth with waste

Pestilence and plague will ravage

The land, but those who trust in
Me will be spared

All creation will groan with labor pains
Waiting to give birth


A funeral will be declared
An obituary written for a dying

A pen dipped in black in
Judgement and ashes

Recording the history of the

Human race
From creation to the fall
To the flood

Father Abraham to Moses

To a promised land

To a temple of splendor
The prophets who pled
With tears and cries
To a Baby born, to a Savior
Returning to take home His own

Your inheritance will be bequeathed

A last will and testament
Left to you

A new world and its treasures

A year of Jubilee and healing visits the land

For all who honor me, will
Enter my Sabbath day of rest**

Wait and watch for

No one knows the day nor the hour,
Of Eden lost to Eden
But Your God in heaven!

*2 Peter 3:8
**Exodus 20:8
In God’s word