Imagine all the children

a world of hate, it seems there is no heaven,
Everywhere is sorrow, with no place to dwell.
The enemy seeks the helpless and the weak.

all the people, no longer filled with hate, united with their
children, delivered from their fate. A world without a frown,
silence in the air, united hand and hand, filled with love and
peace, for all turmoil and violence have ceased.

Child abuse and neglect are common issues
around the world. It is important to understand,
to reduce the risks of abuse of our children!


On This Sabbath Day

As the custom, every Friday ‘eve of
the week, there comes a special day to
celebrate. A woven cloth is placed
upon the table and seven candles in the
center are lit. As they sing a song, father
lifts his hands inviting the God of Shalom
to enter their home…

This is an excerpt from the
author’s book ‘The Story of Ruth’

Two Little Brothers

Many stories could be told of how children follow
in their parent’s footsteps. It truly is a mystery how
an illness can afflict some and not others!

There comes a part in the closure of day, when the
evening brings repose to the weary and mirth to the
A story is told of two little boys of the same kin, no
one knows what happened to them or where to begin.
So allow this be told and the reader to know, this
story of the children could be tenfold told.
A local tavern in the village square, brings vintage
wine among other fare.
Beer flows, laughter rings, bringing about joy to
father and boys.
Becoming drunk father is angry and mean, they
don’t understand and become sullen and sad.
They are grown now, father is gone, they still go
to the bar not knowing it is wrong.
One has a drink, that is enough, the other boy sits
on the stool long into the night.
I often wonder, why was one lost to alcohol and one
was not?

In memory of my father and uncle

Good morning to all on our midweek Wednesday

Of September 29th, 2021

Stars and moon have drawn upon the tides, the sun awakening us from our solemn
slumber, in unsettled nighttime dreams we do not remember. Dreams that
encumber our hearts, for the things that have come upon our earth and lives.
But there is One that never slumbers or sleeps, ever keeping a watchful Eye, as
dream catchers fly in the vastness of the skies!

“He who keeps you shall neither
slumber nor sleep”
The Book of Psalms chapter 121


I have always had a fascination with clocks. Once I was given one that
struck on the hour, and had a ticking sound. But when it became old
and could not be fixed, in our many moves it was discarded. Several
years later I went on a venture to find one to take its place.

The following is a little story I have written –

A quaint little store, a bell tinkles at the door. The
shopkeeper’s hair is white and he has wrinkles with a
twinkle in his eyes. I explained I was looking for a
clock to buy. There were many sizes and shapes, in gold,
wood and brass, their faces encased in sparkling glass.
I bent my ear, do they have a ticking sound or
strike on the hour? I am saddened, these clocks are
all highly fashioned, but they all lack one thing, they
do not have a tick or a ring. Nothing! Everywhere
I looked, none could I find, little did I know, I needed
a clock I could wind…

The rest of the story can be read in my book
‘Crushed violets’ Available on or free