The Widow Woman

“And then through faith she did as Elijah said”
and she was blessed for she and her son ate for many days”

  • With torrents of water, the
    Wind blinding his way,
    Succumbing to the fear of a
    Queen, seeking his life

    Elijah seeks shelter in a cave
    And falling asleep, a nightmare

    One of good and evil and he
    Pleads with God that he may
    See Him

    On a mountain God invites him
    To stand

    A great and powerful wind tears
    The mountain apart, shattering

    Is this where God dwells?
    But the Lord is not in the wind!

    Then there is an earthquake!
    But the Lord is not in the

    And after the earthquake came
    A fire!
    But God is not in the fire!

    And after the fire there is
    Silence, as God speaks in a still
    Small voice

    His prayer is heard!
    And God had a message for
    Elijah, sending him on a journey
    Far away

    Walking through groves, trees
    Are leafless, gaunt skeletons
    Affording no shade

    Dust storms blinding as if set
    On fire under the scorching heat
    Of the noon day sun

    Streams are dry, flocks wander
    In distress, wondering why

    And still God’s children would not
    Walking through the gates of a
    Village, a strange stillness of
    Sadness is felt, a drought and
    Famine had struck

    The night before she fell asleep
    Looking upon her child she cried,
    “What would happen to him?
    He was all she had!”

    In the early morning hour, lighting
    A flame she goes into her house
    To gather the last of the oil and
    The grain of flour

    A voice is called to the woman
    To bring him water and a loaf
    Of bread

    And she replies “I have but a few
    Sticks and enough flour for a meal
    And nothing left.”

    Elijah replies “Bring it to me and
    There will be enough to provide
    For you and your son for many
    Days, for your jar of flour and your
    Cruse of oil will not fail”

    And she wondered at his words
    But if she followed his order her
    Son may not see the setting of the

    And then through faith she did as
    Elijah said and she was blessed
    For she and her son ate for many
    There were many more years of
    Drought and famine, plagues
    And pestilence

    But through Elijah’s faith in
    Proclaiming God’s word

    The people of God repented and
    Were delivered from all these
    Afflictions that ravished their

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Elijah's Altar

“Elijah calls his people to his altar with an offering”

Once God’s chosen people,
They now have rebelled,
Slowly mingling with the

Partaking of their ways
Bowing before gods of
Wood and stone, offering
Their children through fire
And sacrifice

Practicing abominable acts
That made even evil angels
Turn their backs in unbelief,
At the cruelty of man

An evil king and queen reigns
Upon this land

They are angry with Elijah for
The message he carries,
Declaring famine and pestilence

For over three years not a drop
Of rain or dew had fallen and a
Drought covered the land

A retinue of soldiers and their
Beasts of burden bare the king
And queen

Climbing higher and higher
There is excitement in the air,
An altar is built to Baal to
Worship their gods who are deaf
And cannot hear

Musicians assemble in their
Stark white robes and crimson
Sashes, orange turbans covering
Uncut hair

Metals with inscriptions honoring
The dead, chains about the priest’s
Arms and legs, bodies are painted
With grotesque pictures

At the command, the trumpets
And horns are heard, with
Deafening sounds, the men are
Chanting in unknown tongues

With spears and knives slashing
Their skin, cutting their bodies
With piercings
Appeasing their gods to wake
From their sleep

But the heavens are silent, their
Altar remains unlit, sitting in
Dismay the men fall on the ground

Elijah calls his people to his
Altar with an offering

Pleading with God to rain fire
From heaven, the wood and
Offerings are consumed

But the altar to Baal still remains
As the priests continue to cry
Calling from morning to night
But still no reply

Even the king and queen found
It hard to believe and for a moment
They honored Elijah, but anger
Once again entered their hearts

Commanding their servants to
Slay Elijah

But God protected His servant
For He had many more miracles
For Elijah to fulfill…

Copyright(2018)Donna Nieri

A Word Of Antiquity

“A night of visions and dreams were given,
And he was told to write these things on a scroll”

From the very beginning
Of time the Word existed,
Even before the world was

A beautiful garden was
Planted for His children,
In peace and joy as in

Then one day Eve wandered
From Adam

Resting in the tree, a Wiley
Serpent slithered to her side
And questioned

“Did He say you would die, if
Of the fruit you have eaten?”
“It surely is a lie, come eat,
And you will be as wise as I.”

And forgetting the words of
Caution she listened

In that very day they were
Banished, through Eden’s
Gates they were driven

And eating the dust, the
Evil serpent’s belly would

But God would put enmity
Between it and the woman
It’s head would be stricken
And the woman’s heel would
Be crushed

This was the first promise
Given to all His children who
Would trust

Never were we left without
A word to lead us, when we
Would question and wonder
The Apostle John, the
Beloved, a follower of the

Into a boiling cauldron of oil
He was thrust, but to his body
Came no harm

Many looking upon this
Miracle were saved as he
Was delivered from an early

And then an evil Emperor
Exiled John to the Isle of

A long day in a ship of
Castaways, bound with
Chains, he was cast in

A night of visions and dreams
Were given and there he was
Inspired to write the

“The Book Of Revelation”

An angel of light revealed
Prophecies and foretellings

And he was told to write these
Things on a scroll, and as he
Turned to see who spoke

Amongst seven lamps of gold,
One like the Son of Man was

And His face shone like the
Sun in full strength, and when
John saw Him he fell at His feet

The hair of His head was white
His eyes flashed as burnished
Brass, His voice was like the
Sound of rushing waters

In His right hand He held seven
John was commanded

“Write down what you have
Seen, of what is now and what
Hereafter will be.”

And so began this revelation,
To give strength and courage
To all generations and their

References from God’s Word

The Weeping Child

In the womb, the rhythm of my mother’s
Heart beat lulls me to sleep”

He calls me, I leave behind

The speck of space in another

Place, where He knew me

Before I was born

Taking a handful of dust

He gently draws me with his

Cord of love,

I cannot see, nor mind

Understand, lingering for a

Moment, then traveling at

The speed of light,

I am immersed in the womb,

The rhythm of my mother’s

Heart beat lulling me to sleep

As my body is taking form and

Shape I am not alone

An ancestral family chain

Accompanies me, engraining

Memories grown on the family


Ring upon ring, bearing

Leaves of each generation

Their mirrors reflecting their

Shadows in me


His clock announces the time

To enter earth’s passage way,

Water breaks forth, pain

Begins in my timely birth

Clinging to my mother’s womb,

I hear a scream, then a force

That cannot stop begins

Her cries get closer and closer

As I inch through the birth


Slipping down the corridor

Of time, with one last cry,

She pushes forward as two

Large hands reach in

A pair of pincers with two

Metal handles grasp my head

Pulling me out

I am delivered now!


I become a child, I play and laugh,

Then one day familiar voices I

Do not hear

A family once dear I cannot see,

Walking outside looking at the

Sky, could they be hiding up


I don’t see them!

I cry, where are you father and


This is the time the shadows

In the womb begin to follow

Me, sad thoughts whispering

In my ears

I am alone, the earth is empty.

Shaken, I cannot look upon

This desolation


Oh weeping Prophet* your broken

Heart caused you to write a book

For a broken people

As you weep for your people

Will you shed tears for me as


Copyright (2015) Donna Nieri

*Taken from the book of ‘Jeremiah’

No Plague Nor Pestilence

The promise is given
“Neither plague nor pestilence
Shall come to your dwelling”

A divorce has been


A certificate of death,

Two people once sharing

The chamber bed lay in


The promise ‘until death

Do we part’ forsaken and


Those betrothed now in


A mother put away,

A father in spirits lay

The ripening womb

Bereft of life

Leaves the only child sold for


To the creditor she is


For her soul the enemy has


Can this estrangement be

Brought together?


Did you think My arm too

Short to save?

Why when I called, did you not


Why did I not find you who I have

Searched for?

Why for the fleshpots of

Egypt do you lust?

Why do you not trust?

I will hold you up that you

Will not fall

Be not as Pharoah of old

Who would not let his

People go

For in My anger I vowed,

Unless My people turn to Me

I cannot from –

Pestilence and plagues

Keep thee

Why is the brush of

The hyssop not passing

upon your dwelling,

Where is the blood of the lamb

Painted on your door?

That I may protect you from

The angel of death, that you

And your children will be


Your souls no longer bared

I have betrothed you,

You will never again sleep

Alone, tied to the bed posts

Of bondage

By my rebuke I dried up the

Sea, turning your deserts

Into rivers

When you died for lack of

Water and lay on the

Thirsty ground, I lifted you

from the enemy’s attacks

The skies I dressed in

Mourning and covered

with sackcloth and ashes

I now dress in light

Delivering you from fear and


I console the weary with

A word in the morning

I sharpened your hearing

That You might listen,

I hold you up up when you


For You in all Your glory,

Mend this death proclaiming –

Oh listen my people, turn to me

I will deliver you from all

*Sin and pestilence!

*Promise from The Book of

Psalms chapter 91 verse 10

Crushed Violets

“Oh little ones, sweetly sleep in your humble tombs
Until again you bloom”

One of my favorite quotes by Mark Twain

“Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds

on the heel that crushes it”

They lie withered, blue violets

Pressed to the ground

Trodden under foot by humanities


Lavender and blue covered with dew

Each petal is bruised

Leaves of green streaked with brown

Bleed from the offender’s frown

Children trampled by mankind

Their breath is hushed, their spirits


Oh little ones, you have died only

To rise anew

Sweetly sleep in your humble tombs

Until again you bloom