The story of Jonah

“Go to the great city of Ninevah, Jonah
was commanded, but Jonah went in a
different direction than where he was sent”

An intriguing story of God’s love for us,
even when we stray from His path, He is always
waiting for us to return to Him!

A far away land is where he was

Headed, going in the opposite

Direction of where God led him.

He was told to go to Ninevah,

But he ran to Tarshish instead.

Jonah is scared and dares not go,

Running to the City of Joppa.

Many people from faraway lands,

Have entered this cities’ gates,

Through these gates now Jonah

Goes, hoping no one will know

Who this man is who has disobeyed.

He had been a faithful prophet of

God, pleading with his people to

Turn from their rebellious ways.

They laughed at him, scorning his

Word they had heard many times


Among drunken men, with bottles

Of beer

He searches for a bed.

As Jonah sleeps he is besought

With his deceit and lies.

The wharf is wet and slippery as

Dawn slips through the evening


Fisherman pull anchors, slowly

Guiding boats from the wooden

Piers, casting nets into the darkened


After a restless night Jonah boards

A ship going to this city,

Sitting on an island, surrounded by

Sparkling waters.

We don’t know for sure, and some

Disagree, that it actually dwelt on

An island, or perhaps on the cliffs

Overlooking the sea, surrounded

By shores of sand and palm trees.

Of children building sand castles

And laughing at the dolphins,

While mothers wait on the shores

For the return of their husbands.

Now Tarshish is noted for its metals

Of gold, silver, iron and lead.

A great king lives here, ruling over

All. On his table are many delicacies,

Bread and wine, and the finest

Goblets and plates, made of this

Lead, causing royalty and wealthy

To die at an early age.

But the poor who could not afford

Such luxury, were saved from an

Early grave.

The fleet of ships sailing to this city,

Bare exotic animals and birds,

Monkeys and apes, lepers and tigers,

Peacocks with plumage of

Iridescent colors, strutting in their

Elegant style, crying strange calls

They learned in the wild.

Dressed in silver lace, harems of

Maidens with garlands of flowers

And ribbons at the waist, are

Called to dance before the king.

Spicy condiments and sweet

Pressed wines tantalize the tastes

Of his concubines.

A great entourage of soldiers bow

Before the king, waving flags of

Victory, presenting their slaves before


Evening draws near, shadows of

Darkness enter the night.

After all this merriment the king is

Tired, calling his musicians to play

Their flutes and harps.

Sailors bearing their treasures

Earn good pay, but dangers plague


These bronzed skinned men are prey

To scavengers on high. Hoping for

Pirates to plunder the ships, that

They may pick their bones with

Their devilish plights.

Dangerous waves beat upon rocks

And stones, as the sailors swim to

Treacherous shores.

Jonah is tired as he boards the ship

Laying down to sleep, what matter

That the east winds blow, that the

Ship rises and falls from angry waves?

Jonah sleeps through it all!

Neglecting the call to go to Nineveh,

With God’s message to turn to God.

The miles swiftly fly, as currents

Flow between two cities, pulling

The vessel in the wrong direction,

Taking him from where he should go.

The ships white masts shine against

Rich red wood. Carved figures engraved

On the bow, of mermaids directing

Their travels, trusting in the tales

They tell.

Sailors row the ship till the masts

Are blown. Then begins singing and

Drinking from wine skins overflowing.

In the wake of the night, clouds arise,

Fading away the moon and stars.

They have no charts to direct their

Way, and are frightened by the angry


Waters are stirred as the ocean roars

Men crying to their gods to save them.

Sea birds cry, stiffening their wings,

Taking flight.

Planks of the ship groan and complain,

Waters threaten to engulf the stern and

Hull. Even phantoms of the ocean’s

Depths fear for their lives, where darkness

Mingles with winds of death.

Sleets of rain tear at their skin, chains

Of the ship rattle and clank. Throwing

Cargo overboard to lighten the load.

All of their possessions sink.

Mice and rats scatter and drown,

Floating in ocean waters for the

Predators meal.

Descending with his lantern, shaking

From fear, the captain calls this strange

Man below. “Arise, call on your God, that

We will not perish” are the words he cries.

Stirring from his restless sleep, lots are

Cast, that they may see who has caused

This fury. The lot falls upon Jonah, who

Fears God, but ran from Him and hid,

Thinking no one would know, but God did.

There is much anger toward Jonah, and

He asks these men to throw him into the

Sea, then it will become calm again.

Jonah is thrown into the waters at God’s

Command, but He prepares a whale to

Swallow him…

It takes a lot of faith to believe this

Story, but God’s word never lies!

To read the rest of this story visit
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‘The Runaway’

Rahab the Harlot

From Harlot to Heroine

Another story in a series of
Biblical characters

“Two men came to Jericho and went to the
house of Rahab”

From The Book of Joshua

The Scarlet Cord

Her house is small, sitting
High on the side of the city
It has been a long night as
Soldiers sit about campfires,
Talking, glancing at the house,
Snickering and laughing.

Rahab the harlot lives here!

Dawn begins to break, as the
Last red glow of fire embers
Die to the earth.

She has had a hard time
Sleeping, and rising early,
She veils her face. For no one
Must see this woman of disgrace,
As she runs along the city wall
And down the stairs, into the
Cities’ streets.

Peering out her window,
A red rose hung the night before,
She is anxious, for she has a
special errand to run, to replace
This rose with a scarlet cord.

Dropping her few meager coins
Along the way, she leans down,
Clutching them as she runs over
Cobblestone streets, into the very
Heart of this city still asleep.

The blue glow of the horizon gently
Fades in the distance, as light
Softly appears. She is heading for
the market place just before dawn…

There had been men in her city
Just the night before,
They came from another land, a
Large nation, who had been led
By God’s own hand…

The noise is loud, people selling
Their goods, people praying,
Children crying, animals brawling.
This day she quietly slips through
The crowds, going to market, to
Secure a cord of scarlet.

Tables laden with fruits, pomegranates
In rich red hues, spices from the
East, dates and raisin cakes, amongst
Onions and leeks. Lentils and beans
And loaves of bread, colorful skirts,
Sandals and shoes, young girls
Dancing to fiddles and flutes.

But these things are not what she is
Looking for, among all of these wares,
A simple ribbon of colorful threads
Is her desire and prayer…

“The woman, who had taken the
two men and hidden them on her roof
among the stalks of flax…
then she hung a scarlet cord from
her window, that they could escape.

“Tighter yet, holding her veil
Against her head,
She slowly drifts from table to table”

Quietly bearing the shame of
Her reputation.
The best threads must be
Purchased to fill this need,
Threads of scarlet interwoven
With gold…even as a little girl,
Watching her mother do her
Trade, she had wanted
Something better.
When she had become older
She had continued what had
Been handed down from
Mother to daughter…
Looking down, one table
Catches her eye, there lies a
Cord, just the right one, coins
Tightly held are released and
She hurry’s back home…
The sun is rising, the sleeping
City awakens, as she passes
Worshipers climbing steps to
Strange altars, bringing food to
Appease their gods.
Garlands of flowers to hang on
These idols, breads and fruits
To place by their sides…
She has never felt at ease, even
As a little girl, kneeling before
These gods with closed eyes,
Who cannot see, trying to please
Them with words and prayers
They don’t hear or believe.
Arriving home, the cord is
Placed in her window, that
Rahab and her family may be
Spared, when the city of
Jericho is surrounded by
God’s army!

This story is written in prose
and poetry by the author, from
Her book ‘The Scarlet Cord’
Available on Amazon

The Story Of Ruth

“A Name Is Chosen, Ruth The Moabites, For She
is Born In Moab”

This is the beginning of a series of spiritual stories
of Biblical characters I have written in prose and
poetry, hoping to give inspiration and faith, to help
us in our spiritual journey through life.

“The book of Ruth is a story of
love and devotion, inspiring
all to be faithful to God”

A Moabite woman who forsakes
her pagan heritage

Part One

Among a mountainous area of an

Ancient land lies the country of

Moab. The hillsides are

Dotted with the green of myrtle and

Olive and flowers of the ‘Star Of


There is a river called the Jordan

River that flows south through

This land into the Dead Sea. Now

The reason the sea is called dead

Is because water flows in but does

Not flow out and it is full of salt…

Not much grows here but a few

Strange plants, cacti and succulent

Growing on arid land…

Children have fun even though they

Cannot swim, but float in the water.


Small, sunbaked homes in this town

Are made of stucco and yellow straw

And have flat roofs opening into a

Courtyard and cobblestone streets.

Bright pink and red bougainvillea

Climb along the walls and yellow

Forsythia welcome spring.

Spring is a happy time in nearby

Fields, seed is sown of barley and rye.

It seems it always rains when the seed

Is planted and there is plenty of water…


The evening is sultry, too warm to

Sleep, quietly she stirs as she labors to

Walk stone stairs to the roof, to escape

The heat, to lay in the coolness and

Look at the stars…she rolls to her side

As she lays in wait, to give birth to her

Child…a cry is heard as pain begins,

A child is about to be born…

“Her Mother Quickly Gathers Sticks That She May
Bake Bread”

Part Two

Dawn is nearing, the stars

Are withdrawing, soon the

Sun will shine on a child she

Is carrying…

It is a difficult birth, the mother

Languishes in pain…a midwife

Is called, running quickly to

Get a stick to place in the

Mother’s mouth.

Clenching down between cries,

With beads of sweat, the midwife

Wipes her forehead with

Cool cloths propping her feet,

Lifting her to the birthing stool…

Beginning to faint, the midwife

Holds her in her arms, then she

Stands that the baby will be in


Olive oil, a basin of water, warm

Wool and a pillow to lay the baby

On are ready. As family and friends

Gather about this home, prayers

Are lifted for this mother and

Child, then one more

Clench of pain, and one last cry,

The baby has arrived.

It has been a difficult birth, but

All the forces of evil cannot stop

This child, for she will be the

Mother of a Son, in a great lineage

Of a King…

The midwife softly

Washes the baby with water and oil.

Wrapping her in swaddling clothes,

The baby stops crying and is placed

By the mother’s side.

A name is chosen!

Ruth the Moabites,

For she is born in Moab…

As the custom in those days, the

Mother ties the baby to her hip as

She goes to work in the barley field.

The feeling of closeness to her

Mother is soothing, the swishing of

The scythe and the soft songs sung

By the mothers…

The heat is thick, sun setting high in

The sky, her baby whimpers, then

Begins to cry. Stopping to nurse her,

She hurries to glean more barley

And rye…

At time of harvest, as

The sun begins to set, her mother

Quickly gathers sticks,

Kneading dough and baking bread….

Excerpts from the book “The Story Of Ruth”

Ten Young Virgins

“Watch and pray with your lamps
trimmed and burning

Matthew 26:41

It is so easy to get caught up in the things of this world,
Whether cares or concerns, or fear of the disasters that are
Happening. News media, shocking and alarming. Self love,
Complacency, and pride in appearance. Forgetting the important
thing, to watch and pray!

The night had been long, dreams of

Memories, awakening with alarm.

A voice faintly whispering,

“I am too tired” then turning to the other

Side, back into slumber.

The first sound of the morning, the

Radio is frightening, incredibly

Sad, but that is in another country,

Nothing here could ever happen

That bad.

With the last cup of coffee, slipping

Into complacency,

Dressing in my finest attire, with

Shoes of the latest style, my hair

Neatly done and curled, I am a fashionable

Statement to present to the world.

But one thing I forgot to do, I forgot to pray!

The enemy knew that and jumped right

In, placing me in a familiar place when

I forget to pray!

“Five of them were foolish”

Matthew 25

There is a story told long ago in an

Ancient land, of a village set on a hill

The sun was setting and the shadows

Gathering, and light streaming

From the windows of a house full of


Ten young virgins are sewing their gowns

Of silk and lace. There is excitement in

The air as people wait for a marriage

Procession to take place.

A bride is waiting for her groom!

The night is far spent, and weary of the

Wait they all fell asleep. At midnight there is heard

A cry. Waking abruptly, smoothing

Their gowns and plating their hair, they rush

Out the door, following close behind.

Their lamps trimmed and burning, five

Were wise and five were foolish, they all

Had oil in their lamps, but as the night

Wore on, their oil ran out. Five had

Brought extra but five did not.

Running to the wise,

“Give us of your oil” but the wise replied,

“We have not enough to share”

“Go to the village and buy some there

That you may enter into the marriage


The five returned with oil in their lamps

But the five wise had already gone into

the banquet hall and the door was shut

The five were left in darkness

The message is given –

‘Watch and pray

With your lamps trimmed and burning

For you know not the hour the Bridegroom

Will come to take home His Bride!”

Parable of ‘The Ten Virgins’
Told in the Book Of Matthew

The Great Week Of Time

“Eden Lost To Eden Restored”

On this eve, the Holy Sabbath hours have descended upon our
Earth, honoring the day God set aside for all to rest, just as
He, after His beautiful creation week. Our world in all its
Fallen condition, groans with labor pains, waiting for our
Lord’s return, restoring rest and peace to all generations!

“Remember the Sabbath day to
keep it holy, six days you shall do
all your work, but the Seventh day
is the Sabbath of the Lord your God
Exodus 20:8-9

Heaven’s time is not in our time
It is not limited to our space
But extends beyond the
Imaginings of the human mind
To God a day is as a thousand
Years in an eternity of bliss

“Trees And Flowers Nestled Among Mountains And Hills”

Once a pure and fruitful land
With flowing rivers and springs
Of life
Trees and flowers nestled among
Mountains and hills
A delightful scene to meet the eye
A young man and woman
Fresh from the hand of God
Flowing from the river of life
Wonder who made such
A lovely place for them to abide

At the setting of the sun
In the coolness of the even

A Heavenly Man comes to
Visit His children
“Please tell us how all this

came to be?” Who created
The land and the sea?”

“In the very beginning only

Darkness appeared, and
Water covered the earth, it
Was I who shut in the sea
With doors, when it burst
Forth, and I said “This far you
May come but no farther, your
Proud waves must stop”

Then out of nothing I made light
It was I who commanded the
Morning and caused the dawn to
Know it’s place

It took just six days to create this

And on the Seventh Day I rested

From all my works
All was tranquil, calm and full
Of peace
And though I rejoice of all the
Things I have done

My heart is sad
I must create a people to
Complete this week

And so you come from dust and clay


Until one day you will disobey

Leaving your beloved home
In that moment of time I will speak
My sacred word, for my
Words are always true

A promise I will give

“Though the gates of Eden will be

Six thousand years will be allotted

To this earth
For as my word says “A day of
Creation equals a thousand years”*

You will go forth and till

The land, abundantly it will yield
It’s fruit

But it will lose its strength
plant and
Seed will fade, unable to feed
Those who hunger and thirst
Water will be scarce
Land unable to drink
The taste of sweetness will
Turn sour

The pollution of man will
Destroy the earth with waste

Pestilence and plague will ravage

The land, but those who trust in
Me will be spared

All creation will groan with labor pains
Waiting to give birth


A funeral will be declared
An obituary written for a dying

A pen dipped in black in
Judgement and ashes

Recording the history of the

Human race
From creation to the fall
To the flood

Father Abraham to Moses

To a promised land

To a temple of splendor
The prophets who pled
With tears and cries
To a Baby born, to a Savior
Returning to take home His own

Your inheritance will be bequeathed

A last will and testament
Left to you

A new world and its treasures

A year of Jubilee and healing visits the land

For all who honor me, will
Enter my Sabbath day of rest**

Wait and watch for

No one knows the day nor the hour,
Of Eden lost to Eden
But Your God in heaven!

*2 Peter 3:8
**Exodus 20:8
In God’s word


Have you ever felt like the memories of your mind have been placed

In little boxes, trying to escape? Just when you think one is about to

Open, ten more move in to replace it! Making it difficult and

Confusing, trying ever trying to pry them open. Little people

Crammed in niches and corners, and dark recesses, hoping to find a

Room of rest and forgiveness!

“No earthly box could contain me”

It arrived, it was a solemn
Occasion, people were
Hesitant, I did not know why.
I tried to look in, but I was
Too small and it was too tall.
A narrow box, I was curious,
What was in it?

I tried to lift the lid, but my
Fingers could not reach.
With each attempt I became
More intent to see what this
Box meant.

As time went by I became
Older, going back to see if
Perhaps I could open it now.

I visited the box when life was
Violent and I was seeking

Visiting a garden of rest, as
They lowered a box in the earth,
There were similarities to the
One I had seen as a child.
Then I knew it was for those who
Had ceased.

That could be me!

And then one day I fell asleep,
And was planted in the box
Reserved for me.

Waiting to be broken and come
To new life.
But no earthly box could contain
My soul, for when it is time for
Me to rise, ‘

He will cry!

Pulling me through this earth’s
Crust, I am thrust out of the
Box to receive the heavenly
Prize, one the coffers of this
Earth cannot provide!

“Those who believe in Me, even
Though they die, yet shall they
live” John 11:25

A Little Girl’s Wish

“A Child’s Deepest Desire Is To Be Loved”

‘Reflections of a forgiving child’

One who desires to share her story
with others!

I think some of us are tempted to question

The timely events in our lives, why things

Come about, and not sooner than when we

Thought they should.

As a child I had been brought up to just

Accept things as they were, hoping they

Would get better. But they never seemed

To be resolved.

My mother was a flighty person, moving

In and out of the chaos

And confusion she had woven in her life,

And mine.

She had been damaged and suffered

Much emotional mental illness.

Then I remember clearly the time when

I was interrupted from a childhood of

Acceptance to one of adolescence, when

I could no longer tolerate her behavior.

And anger and resentment began

To fill my heart. I spent much time

Wondering why I had been given a mother

Like this.

When I began recovery, I remember the

First night, when it was revealed why I had

Turned away, and realized the trauma she had

Received from abuse in her life as well. It had just

Been carried through to mine also. There was

A reason for her neglect, and thus started

Years of working through the issues I had


I wondered why these things were not revealed

Much earlier, and I had been given a chance

To reconcile with my mother before she had died.

‘Remembrance Of A Mother

“Her mother had been abused
and forgotten”

Who is this mother we have laid to rest?

Poor helpless soul who wandered this

Earth, not knowing or caring where she

Was led.

She took her child along for the journey,

Who at times did not know where she

Would lay her head.

With emotions held in and warned not

To cry, always hoping she would be loved

If things got better.

Now death has taken her mother, and she

Has gone to sleep. No longer tormented

With emotions so deep, guilt and sorrow

No longer her’s to keep, removed forever,

To Rest In Peace.

But remember child, she did not have the

Tools to help you to survive. She could not

Fulfill the role, you became the mother and

She the child.

Oh, where do I look for a nurturing

Mother? Could it be, that God is as much

A mother as He is a Father to me?

And then a clearer picture I saw, as I

Wrestled with the why’s and how’s

Of the mysteries beset on the journey

Of life. Perhaps if I had been given a

Mother that I had always hoped for, I

Would not have reached out for

Something better!


Our Lord at the cross, remembered His

Mother. And I know He remembers all

Mothers here on earth, He understands

Why some are neglectful and unable to

Fulfill their roles, and gives their children

The choice and desire to understand and

Forgive them!

“When Jesus saw His mother…
He remembered her”

John 19:26:27

Please let me fly my kite…

It is interesting how a child develops an understanding of God.
Parents are the leading roles in their life, having an impact
on their little minds. They are resilient, even though the image
of a father or mother is not always portrayed as loving and
kind. A little child’s faith is instilled, no matter what the

Father of lights do you live
In the sky?

Not with your children
In darkness below?

Do you look out your
Window from your
Home on high

At the sun in the
Morning light?

Are you the man in
The moon, shining
Moonbeams on the
Stars at night?

To see how far they
Will fly?

You are so far I
Can’t jump that high!

Or maybe ride on a
Kite but it won’t fly
That high!

If I could, I would see
Where you live

If I get there God
Would you let me in
With my darkness
And sin?

It seems such a long
Way between You and I

Some say You are light
Would You be too bright
To look upon?

I don’t understand what
It really means
But it says You are
Loving and kind!

So I will bid You
Goodnight and thank
You for light, however
It comes!

“Every good and perfect gift is
from above, coming down from
the Father of the heavenly

James 1:17

An Evening Star

“It is a happy star with a smile on its face”

Quote from the author’s book ‘God’s Story Book’

A time between dusk and
twilight, as shadows fill the
the sun grows weary and
bows its head, fading
in the west and then dies

An evening star dressed in its gown
of sparkling silver and gold
is a happy star with a smile on its face
it has five tips, a head, two arms
and two legs
now the big dipper is late spilling
the stars, filling the nighttime sky

The evening star feels important
holding up the sky alone
one night it gets tired of hanging
one arm begins to fall, then the
other lets go

It calls to the rest, “hurry quickly
I can’t hold up this sky any longer
it is too much, I have done my best
the big dipper then hurries
lifting its ladle, sprinkling star dust
in the stars eyes
Awakening, spreading their light

The evening star is now content
knowing it is no longer alone
evening gives way to a soft light of
day, when the stars are done

I wonder sometimes, do we get
tired of holding up this world
Forgetting there is a God to do
our bidding?

He holds all things in the palm
of His hand!

And the child grew up

With a car of her own

She has become a big girl now

With a little girl’s heart

Running and speeding, searching

For light

Sometimes with fear

When the darkness descends

Learning to accept it

When she doesn’t understand

That God was always there

She just couldn’t see

When the light was dim

In looking for Him

She needs to step back

And embrace this darkness

Not asking why

Learning to wait until it

Reveals what it has in mind

She is far too serious

Becoming oblivious to her


She will learn to dance

And sing

And to remember, the

Music composed, will lead

Her through life!

Poem adapted from my book
‘And The Child Grew Up’