Gifts Of Healing

“All Things Are ‘Inspired’ By Him”

Colossians 1:16

I started my poetry blog site just recently, but I have only
received a few recent views and likes and one follower. I have
visited some other poetry blogs to see what they are doing
to drive their audience to their sites, and find there is a
multitude of thousands of bloggers expressing their words,
sharing with the world as they see it.

Coming from parents of gambling and alcohol addictions that
created in me disturbing thought patterns and mental illness with
its challenging lifetime effects, I have had plenty of writing material
to reach out to others who can relate to this kind of upbringing
that effects so many of us.
I have written a series of books of my experiences and only by
the grace of God, how I was able to survive ongoing traumas
and abandonment issues.
I had never written before, and starting to express this journey
of pain and hurt, I feel it has been a gift of healing for me from
the very start.
People have been put in my life to do miracles beyond my
ability, to create websites, blog sites, ebooks and all the creative
elements necessary to embark upon a successful venture as this.

I have come to the place of knowing that only through an act of
God, will my words be viewed by others. There is a promise that says
“what God has started He will finish” and that is what I must cling

After writing on my life, I began writing on biblical characters,
gleaning from these stories of faith and courage they have brought
into my life. Simple poetic poems and prose, applying them to

our present day challenges we face daily.
Well, perhaps one of these days a visitor will drop by to view
my blog, but if not I will still just keep on blogging, that’s all
I know to do!

Story Of A Baby

One of my favorite stories is about baby
Moses, one that thrills the heart and captures
the mind with the power and deliverance for
all of God’s people. Because of a sister’s
faithfulness, generations of His people were

This story is recorded in the book of Genesis
in the Bible.

A long time ago in an ancient world,
a basket was hidden on the banks
of the River Nile.
It held a baby, hidden in grass , reeds
and lotus leaves.
His sister stood by, pleading with
God to protect this child.
One day a princess was bathing and
heard the baby cry.
She ordered her maidens to fetch
the basket before he died.
Opening the basket, there lay the
baby, none more beautiful than
she had seen.
This was a secret she kept with
her maidens and took the baby
to be her child.
Running home to her mother,
his sister shared the news, her
baby would be safe and it made
her smile.
This baby was special, God had
a plan when he became a man.
The mother nursed him and his
sister loved him, their baby was
The prayers they prayed had been
raised to the God above.
Moses was his name meaning,
“drawn from the water.” Given
by the Pharaoh’s daughter.
He grew to be a boy and then a
man. He had a brother named
Aaron and they dwelt in a land
called Egypt, till their ruler,
Joseph died….

This is an excerpt from the author’s
book sharing many other stories for
the adult’s inner child. To read the
rest of this story go to Donna Nieri
Inspirations – Amazon.Com

The Story Of Ruth

A story of a Moabite woman who turns from
her heritage to cling to the God of Israel. Her
faithfulness has been recorded down through
the ages.

From the book of Ruth found in the Bible

It seemed like it took a long time to express my feelings,
speaking on paper, the experiences of my life. Longer
than I would have expected. But I finally came to
realize, this is enough, and needed to direct my writing
in a new direction. After my conversion in my early
life, spiritual stories became a healing force, as I
read the stories of the faithful men and women in spite
of their trials and afflictions.

The story of Ruth began a series of biblical stories I have
written of the exciting and endearing personalities that
produce faith and trust.

The Story Of Ruth
…”Small sun baked homes in this town
are made of stucco and yellow straw, and
have flat roofs, opening into a courtyard
and cobblestone streets.
Bright pink and red bougainvillea climb
along walls, and yellow blossoms of
forsythia welcome spring. Spring is a happy
time in nearby fields, seed is sown of
barley and rye…it seems it always rains when
the seed is planted, and they have plenty of
food and water…
the evening is sultry, too warm to sleep,
quietly she stirs as she labors to walk the
stone stairs to the roof to escape the heat,
to lay in the coolness and look at the stars.
Rolling to her side, as she lays in wait, to
give birth to her child…a cry is heard as pain
begins, the family wakes, rushing to their
mother, a baby is about to be born…
It is a difficult birth as she languishes
in pain, her cries are heard throughout
the town…a midwife is called running
quickly to get a stick to place in the
mother’s mouth…

…as dinner is served, the food is strange,
bread without leaven and roasted lamb,
bowls of fruit with pomegranate and figs,
and grapes the largest she has ever seen.
Dates and raisin cakes midst onions and
as the custom is, every week there is a
special day to celebrate. It is called the
Sabbath, a happy time for Ruth…the day
turns to evening, a special woven cloth
is placed on the table, six candles in the
center are lit, His presence is requested
and they sing a song, as father lifts his hands,
inviting the God of Shalom to enter their
…Selected quotes from the book of Ruth I
have written

Fountains And Birds


Flowers Declare The Glory Of God

My Clematis is blooming for the first time this summer!
I love the color of lavender with the purple veining, the creamy
center of spiky petals, it gives me a sense of joy and a tinge of
creativity. I am looking for a tool in a discarded box and I
have come across a water fountain pump. I love the
sound of water with its tinkling sound, it gives a sense of peace.


“Create with the heart, build with the mind”
Criss Jami

The thought comes to me, I could make a fountain! I have
everything I need but a pot. I am delighted with the creation
I have made, but it lacks something, and off to the store I go
looking for something to set if off, and I come across a couple of
darling terracotta birds, this will be the perfect finishing touch!

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more
you have” Maya Angelou


A New Creation


Revelation 21:5

I found through grief and loss, it was tempting to seek refuge in my
feelings and emotions, unable to move from darkness into light.
I then determined to to do all I could in my power to hasten the
steps of recovery, to be released from the thoughts of impending
doom. I felt compelled to run from this fear, not understanding
this dark night of the soul was preparing me for a second birth,
bringing newness of life.


Luke 12:27

I began writing many years after the trauma of of a dysfunctional
childhood, with all its baggage I carried through life. It was something
I had to do to be released from the memories keeping me imprisoned
in mind and body. And with each book I have written of my experiences,
I have dedicated them to help others who have also had similar challenges
in their lives.


We Are Hard Pressed On Every Side, Yet Not Crushed
We Are Perplexed , But Not In Despair – 2 Corinthians 5-8

One of my favorite quotes of Mark Twain –
“Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel
that has crushed it.” I found through writing it was
important to forgive, but of myself I was unable, it is a
gift from God.


In the midst of chaos and confusion, when all
seems out of order, when even the rungs of the
ladder are loose below our feet, there is a hand
that hold us until our steps are complete.

He will teach us and guide us in the way
we should go – Psalm 32:8

My struggle through grief left me hopeless,
I was sure I would never see the light of day
again, remorseful and burdened with pain,
I tried to walk the staircase to deliverance –

I have tried everything
trying to escape, not
able to think,

climbing the ladder of

The steps of the ladder
do not always come in

sometimes I slip,
falling back on the
rungs of the others.

Then it wavers and
begins to fall,
holding on with dear
life, I tread these

steps, thinking I have
achieved, then it
suddenly changes.

My mind thinks in
theory, why can’t they
all happen at once,
and then I see,

there are five stages
in all,


Of all these, ACCEPTANCE
is the answer to them all!


“What we have once enjoyed deeply we can never lose,
All that we love deeply becomes a part of us” Helen Keller
  • This is the anniversary of the loss of my son in taking his life, and a description of the magnitude of suffering, leading to the attempt to take my life as well. But by God’s grace I was saved, only He knows the reason why. I wrote a poem on this
    experience called – Grief
    Six years less four months making seven an event
    happened. It was never thought to happen. One of
    those things that happens to someone else but
    never to her. A call in the night forbidding, she is
    shaking, for him looking. A child missing, never
    returning, to go or stay she is wondering, it is
    perplexing. Watching him grow, playing and
    laughing, always hoping, praying his life would
    be happy and lasting. Mother and son no longer
    bonding. He is sleeping, waiting for the resurrection.
    One night deciding, plight succumbing, seeming to
    be best, it would be loving. It is just too much, such
    awful thoughts resisting. Nine months carrying, body
    feeding him, a womb providing a room for him to
    grow in. This is a testing, thoughts increasing. She is
    trying, nothing is helping. Cannot explain the feelings,
    nothing is helping, hoping this is passing, there is
    shaming, there is blaming. Back and forth driving,
    twisting and turning, dogs vomiting. Not to be late
    she is hurrying. Careful the right road taking, road
    construction frustrating. Grief succumbing, mind
    spinning, depression visiting. Decisions baffling, she
    is withdrawing, obituary disturbing, words troubling,
    This kind of death met with frowning, eulogy confusing.

    She is stopping, the man is helping, his kindness endearing,
    altars of thanksgiving. Turnings in the road directing,
    storms withdrawing, comfort finding, friends consoling,
    medications helping, sometimes lacking. Eyes slowly opening,
    ears hearing, tears no longer weeping. Birds singing, sun
    shining, flowers blooming, children sharing. Shadows lifting,
    she is talking, she is writing, on paper speaking, slowly
    resolving, process unfolding. She is hoping, to all things
    resigning. All things loving, doors are opening, acceptance
    is residing!

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