There lies in the shadows a peaceful scene,
a boat carries someone in an unsettled
Beyond the placid lake is a river scene,
where dreams flow to the ocean streams

Pearly fingers turning pages of the
past, messages are sent to my troubled

But who can remember dreams as we slumber,
somber dreams that encounter our hearts?
There is a God who never slumbers or sleeps,
carrying our memories in His deepest heart!

Inspired by the Book Of Psalm 121

The little violet

Violets are my favorite flower to grow
With a little love and care they bring
much fun and cheer!

Snuggled in their beds, watered and fed, they are happy
where they are planted, with dresses of pink, purple and
red and bright yellow eyes

One morning a large hand reaches low
these violets are lifted from their beds and
placed in a box, wondering where they are going
the littlest violet begins to cry “please don’t leave me behind”

The engines are roaring they are not sure where
they are going, suddenly they come to a stop, the
man places them on a shelf, their leaves are drooping
their flowers are dropping and they are not very
pretty as people are passing

The little one cries, “our toes are cold and soggy
and we have caught a chill, please won’t you give
us a chance and take us home before we die?

A time to heal is what we need after our difficult ride”
A sprinkle of water, their heads begin to perk and
people stop to look “These violets are prettier than
before, I think I will buy them”

The shadows are passing, they are placed on a shelf
sparkling, if not for their time of disaster, they would
not be brighter, filling this home with laughter!

Hitchhike to Heaven

Sometimes we look to others, instead of to God to get us where
we want to go!

It is a difficult road I have taken, my load is heavy and I am forsaken!
along this road to heaven
Preachers, teachers, friends, I look to all of them to help me get in
Holding my thumb up high, hoping for a ride, they wish
me well and pass me by
I don’t know how long I can do this, I cry, I weep, all the rules I keep

Run and run, busy, busy, barely taking a breath, lest I falter and be left
Every day I confess, what more can I do?
Throwing up my hands, I quit, there is nothing I can do, it is a gift!

“For it is by grace we are saved…
it is not our own doing, it is God’s gift ” Book of Ephesians 2:8,9

The Reformation

On October 31, 1517, just over 500 years ago
the Protestant Reformation began

October 31 isn’t just Halloween, and is not just a coincidence!

The reformer, Martin Luther, a former monk of the Roman Church, posted his
ninety five theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany,
protesting the acts of indulgences, taught by the church that ” all must pay
the full or partial remission of temporal punishment for sins after the sinner
confesses and receives absolution.” That they must pay for loved one to be
released from purgatory. After Luther’s discovery of the Gospel message,
human beings do not earn
their salvation by good works, but rather by God who freely offers salvation to all
who believe. “The Just Shall Live By Faith!’

“The reason He posted his theses on October 31 is because the next day
was all Saint’s Day and he knew many well-educated people were going to
come to the services”