Moving In A Different Direction

“To be delivered from a desert of wilderness and violence
was a miracle beyond my ability to hope for”

The cry of the desert’s hardships was answered

It has been nine months now since I began my blog.
It was my desire to share my story with others.
I have written a series of books on my young life
in Nevada mining towns. Of harrowing experiences,
but only to let the reader know there is hope for
those who have felt the isolation and endured the
loneliness of abandonment and abuse.

It seemed I had to begin writing these experiences,
moving through the emotions of fear, anger and
sometimes rage, before I could come to the place
of diverting my writing in a different direction.

My brother and I had a spiritual deliverance of
miracles, placing in our hearts the desire to
stop the continuing family history of alcohol and
addictive behaviour portrayed by role models
in our young existence.

I then began to write my life experiences and
recovery in prose and poetry. I have shared
some of these experiences on my blog. I have
books on Amazon and Smashwords unfolding
a story that I hope others will find helpful!

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