Hope Midst Affliction

“This Book Of Job Spans Over Centuries”

Continuation of the story of Job…

…Job’s three friends condemned

Him of sin, Job replied, “Lord I don’t

Need enemies with friends like these

They accuse me of sinning, bringing

These calamities against me, accusing

Me day and night”

“How long will they exhaust me, time

And again they blame me”

The Great Dissertation…

This book of Job, spanning over

Centuries gives words of comfort

To all those suffering

It is only normal to examine the

Life when affliction visits, false

Comforters spawn the very

Foundation of truth and right

A Child’s Cry For Help…

“The trauma has just been too

Much, may the day be cursed

When I was born, I feel so

Helpless and despondent, I am

Troubled and restless, my

Lamentations are weary and I feel


God’s Unfathomable Love…

“My child, do you not know, as soon

As these visitors appear,

Questioning the reason for suffering

You must be leery of false comforters…

Claiming you have brought these

Tragedies upon you, saying you

Cannot arise from your bed of

Anguish, you will languish forever”

“Oh know that my words are

Written, they are inscribed in a


They are engraved on a rock

With an iron pen forever”…

Then Job prayed for his friends

And they relented of their words

God restored his fortunes, doubling

All his possessions, giving him

Seven more sons and three


The Child’s Epilogue…

And so you see, the trials endured

As a child have had a purpose,

And just as Job you have suffered

Greatly, but God is true and you

Will endure, for there is a Fourth

Friend sitting quietly by, listening

To your cries, lifting up prayers

Planting within a seed of faith

Springing into life!

Excerpts from the book

‘The Three Friends’

Read more at: www.donnaspoetry.com

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